A Guide to Evony’s Battle of Toulon During Napoleon Collaboration

Evony Battle of Toulon
Currently, Evony releases some warm-up events to preview their collaboration with Napoleon. In particular, they are launching the Battle of Toulon to match the Napoleon Collaboration. The sign-up time for the Battle of Toulon Ultimate War Season will begin soon. To perform well, please read this article to learn the rules and rewards of the Battle of Toulon and its War Mobilization event.

Battle of Toulon

Battlefield Sign-up Rules & Participation Requirements

  1. Battle of Toulon will be opened once a week; the day before it is opened is sign-up time.
  2. The creation time of the alliance participating in the war must be ≥ 15 days and rank among the top 20 on this server.
  3. Only R4 and R5 level members of eligible alliances can sign up and choose members to participate in the battlefield.
  4. Each alliance has ≤20 participating members.
  5. Only members who have been in alliance for ≥3 days and whose Keep level is ≥15 can participate in the battle.
  6. After successful registration, the system will match the registered alliances according to their strength, and each two alliances will compete against each other.
  7. Finally, the alliance with higher total scores will win the battle.
  8. The alliance with a bye (not matched with an opponent) will be deemed the winner and get a Battlefield Bye Gift.

Battlefield Precautions

  1. After entering the battlefield of the Battle of Toulon, you will first be teleported to your alliance’s “
  2. “. At this time, you will have 5 minutes to prepare. During the 5-minute Truce Agreement, no one can take action (send troops, move cities, etc.), but you can view the buildings, monsters, and castles of the opponent’s alliance participants through the battlefield map.
  3. The total duration of the battlefield is 2 hours.
  4. On the battlefield, you can use City Teleporter or Gem to teleport your castle, but there will be a limit on the number of times. The total number of city teleports is shared by all alliance members participating in the battlefield. So the big castles can try not to teleport their castles to save the number of teleports for small castles.
  5. Although some functions will not be available on the battlefield, the hospital functions can still be used. Troops on the battlefield will not die or be captured, but will all enter the hospital. The hospital at this time had no upper limit on wounded troops. On the battlefield, hospital treatment time will be shortened, and treating wounded troops does not require consuming resources.
  6. After the battlefield ends, the wounded troops in the hospital will be automatically restored, but the lost traps and sub-cities troops will not be restored.
  7. You cannot plunder resources by attacking the enemy’s castles on the battlefield.

Battlefield Buildings and Score Rules

No.1 Building Scores:
During the Battle of Toulon, Evony replaced the building in the center of the battlefield with Fort Toulon. In addition, the building scores of Crystal Mine, Portal, Battlefield Hospital, Blessing Tower, and Knight’s Hall. And their acquisition methods are the same as those in the Battle of Constantinople (BOC).
The rules of occupying and reinforcing buildings are also consistent with BOC.
Fort Toulon: Located in the center of Battlefield. Occupy it for 1 minute continuously to earn 80 scores.
No.2 Killing Scores
Kill 1,000,000 Lv1 troop(s) to earn 2.2 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv2 troop(s) to earn 6.7 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv3 troop(s) to earn 11.1 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv4 troop(s) to earn 17.8 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv5 troop(s) to earn 24.4 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv6 troop(s) to earn 33.3 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv7 troop(s) to earn 42.2 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv8 troop(s) to earn 51.1 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv9 troop(s) to earn 60.0 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv10 troop(s) to earn 71.1 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv11 troop(s) to earn 84.4 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv12 troop(s) to earn 100.0 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv13 troop(s) to earn 115.6 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv14 troop(s) to earn 133.3 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv15 troop(s) to earn 155.6 scores.
Kill 1,000,000 Lv16 troop(s) to earn 177.8 scores.

Rewards of Battle of Toulon

Both victory and loss can be rewarded. Different personal scores will receive different rewards.
Rewards include Badge, Ultimate War Treasure, Toulon Chest (Gem/Resource/Speedup/Gold), Runestone Chest, Dragon Source Fragment, Tactic Scroll, and Valorous Medal.
Moreover, there are additional rewards for Alliance Ranking and Personal Ranking. You can click the corresponding button to view details.

Battle of Toulon – War Mobilization


  1. The Battle of Toulon Ultimate War Season will replace the Constantinople Ultimate War Season.
  2. Top-ranking alliances in the Ultimate War Season will be invited to participate in the Battle of Austerlitz.
  3. The Battle of Austerlitz will replace the Battle of Chalons.
  4. The top 256 alliances in the Battle of Toulon will enter the Battle of Austerlitz Major League, the top 257 – 1280 will enter the Elite League, and other alliances will enter the Junior League.

Event Rewards:

Complete quests to receive rewards:
  1. You can claim Blood of Ares *50 when your alliance ranks in the top 500 on the continent at the end of the season.
  2. Besides, you can claim the Epic Historic General (Premium) Token when you achieve 3,000 personal scores in a single round.

Battle of Austerlitz rewards preview

  1. Alliance Glory Castle – Star Fort:
    1. Alliance Construction Speed +8%
    2. Alliance Ground Troop HP +20%
    3. Alliance Stone Gathering Speed +20%
  1. France Famous City:
    1. Attacking Mounted Troop Attack +35%
    2. Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Defense +10%
    3. Research Speed +15%
    4. Death into Survival Rate in this Subordinate City +20%
  1. First Consul (Epic) Avatar Frame
  2. Alliance Flag: Kitsune Flag, Salamander Flag, Iris Flag, and Juno Flag.