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Aethelflaed is an Effective and Easily-developed General for PvE Players in Evony

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Evony Epic Historic General is an outstanding strategist who is known as . According to her Special Skill and Specialty, Aethelflaed can be a good General who has great buffs on attacking monsters in the game. Let us introduce her to you and discuss how to get her.

Aethelflaed's General Story

In the middle of the ninth century, almost the entire European continent was under Viking rule. Aethelflaed, Lord of the Mercians, led her people to drive the Vikings out of her territory!
Aethelflaed built fortresses in Mercia that the Vikings could not capture. In several wars, she defeated the Viking invasion with her superb military and tactical talents. And Aethelflaed captured the Viking stronghold in Wales, thus Vikings who settled in York swore allegiance to her for protection.
Aethelflaed is a heroine with a heroic spirit, known as Lady of the Mercians.
Evony Epic Historic General Aethelflaed
Evony Epic Historic General Aethelflaed

Aethelflaed's Special Skill

Lady of the Mercians
Increases mounted troops' attack and defense by 55% when the General is leading the army to attack Monsters.
1☆ – When attacking Monsters, Mounted Troop HP +30%, Troops Defense +10%
2☆ – When attacking Monsters, Monsters Defense -10%, Troops HP +15%
3☆ – When attacking Monsters, Monsters Attack -10%, Troops Defense +20%
4☆ – When attacking Monsters, Mounted Troop Attack +15%, Troops HP +20%
5☆ – When attacking Monsters, Mounted Troop Attack +20%, Troops Defense and HP +10%

Aethelflaed's Specialty (Max Level Attributes)

  • Hunter: Monsters Attack -15%
  • Fortune: Double Items Drop Rate from Monsters +15%
  • Mounted Troop Ares: Mounted Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • Lord of the Mercians: Ground and Mounted Troop Attack and Defense on Monsters +30%

The Way to Get Aethelflaed

No.1 Event Packages

You can get Epic Historic General (Premium) tokens from event packages. And open it to get a chance of receiving General Aethelflaed.

No.2 Champion Loyalty Rewards

  • Loyalty level 4-10 General Token Chest – open to gain Epic General token randomly.
  • Loyalty level 11-20 Epic Historic General (Premium)
Both opening the Epic General and Epic Historic General (Premium) can get a chance to obtain Aethelflaed.

No.3 VIP Premium Package

  • VIP 1 & VIP 4 General Token Chest – Epic General
  • VIP 11 to VIP 25 Epic Historic General (Premium)
This way may be similar to the second method.

No.4 Limited Offer (in the Valuable Event interface)

There are many paths to get Aethelflaed during the Limited Offer event:
  • Points reach 80 and 250 – Epic Historic General (Premium)
  • Monthly Package – Lucky Box IV – Epic Historic General (Premium)
  • Final-tier Monthly Package – Epic Historic General (Premium)
You can increase your points by purchasing packages. And the progress of points rewards will be refreshed with the Monthly Packages.
It should be noted that the Double Down Package Coupon is not effective for points.

No.5 General Portrait Exhibition

During the event, you can get General Invitations from packages and use them to redeem General tokens.
The third one, General Hall Ⅱ Historic General, on the redeem page contains General Aethelflaed.
You can redeem it with 500 General Invitations each time. And it can be redeemed 99 times.
Open the token of the General Hall Ⅱ Historic General, you will have a chance to get Aethelflaed.

No.6 Alliance Competition

  • Novice and Junior League:
Personal scores reach 3500 and you will get the General Token Chest. Open the chest to receive a random Legendary or Epic General.
  • Elite and Legendary League:
Personal scores reach 3500 – Obtain the Epic Historic General token.
  • Epic League:
Personal scores reach 3400 – Obtain the Epic Historic General token.
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