Alexander the Great: A Ground-troop General for Alliance War Rally

Evony Epic Historic General Alexander the Great
In Evony, Epic Historic General Alexander the Great is a ground-troop general who is great for the Alliance War Rally. In history, Alexander the Great was a king of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and a member of the Argead dynasty. To learn his information and general combinations, we write this article and give some suggestions by calculating the corresponding attribute bonus.

The General Story of Alexander the Great

Macedonia has been regarded as a small marginal country among the Greek city-states for a long time. After Philip Il defeated other Greek city-states, an anti-Macedonian storm was brewing in a brief calm.
In 336 BC, Alexander succeeded to the throne at the age of 20. After defeating the city of Thebes, Alexander was awarded the generalship of Greece. In the following year, he invaded the Persian Empire and began a series of campaigns.
Alexander the Great defeated the Persian army at the Battle of Gaugamela and captured the Achaemenid capital. And then he had a grand tour of central Asia and founded a series of new cities. In 324 BC, he finished his conquest that lasted 10 years and created one of the largest empires in history.
Alexander the Great is the most famous military leader and the most influential person in human history.

The Special Skill of Alexander the Great

Increases ground troops’ attack by 20% when the General is leading the army to attack. Increases Rally Capacity by 15% when the General is leading the army to launch Alliance War.
1※ – Marching Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Attack +10%; Marching Ground Troop Defense +15%
2※ – Marching Troop Death into Wounded Rate +10%
3※ – March Size Capacity +14%
4※ – Marching Mounded Troop and Ground Troop Attack +10%; Marching Ground Troop HP +15%
5※ – Marching Ground Troop Attack +20%, Defense and HP +15%

The Max-level Specialty of Alexander the Great

Ground Troop Assault: Ground Troop Attack and HP +10%
Annihilation: March Size Capacity +6%; Attacking Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Attack +10%
Ground Troop Ares: Ground Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
Battle of Gaugamela: March Size Capacity +10%; Attacking Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Attack +20%

The Access Paths of Alexander the Great

  1. General Portrait Exhibition

You will have a chance to get Alexander the Great from the 2nd general token – Laurel Wreath Historic General and the 6th general token – General Hall Ⅱ Historic General on the redeem page of the General Portrait Exhibition event. Redeeming items needs to cost the General’s Invitation.
Available Item
General’s Invitation
Redeem Chance
Laurel Wreath Historic General
600 per time
General Hall Ⅱ Historic General
500 per time
  1. Alliance Competition

During the event, you can get General Token Chest which may be opened to get the Epic General token. You will also have opportunities to receive the Epic Historic General and Epic Historic General (Premium) tokens when you reach certain scores.
Novice League: Personal scores reach 2,600 to get 1 General Token Chest.
Junior League: Personal scores reach 3,000 to get 2 General Token Chests.
Elite League: Personal scores reach 3,500 to get the Epic Historic General.
Legendary League: Personal scores reach 4,300 to get the Epic Historic General (Premium).
Epic League: Personal scores reach 3,400 to get the Epic Historic General; Personal scores reach 4,200 to get the Epic Historic General (Premium).
  1. Daily Ways to Get Alexander the Great

  • The final tier of event packages
  • Wheel of Fortune: Alexander the Great is available in Adv General, Epic General, and Epic Historic General tokens.
  • VIP Premium Package
  • Champion Loyalty Level Rewards
  • Limited Offer

How to Pair Alexander the Great

Among our commonly used infantry generals, those whose special skills do not conflict with Alexander the Great are:
Soult, Turenne, Epaminondas, Basil II, Trajan, Pyrrhus, Alessandra, etc.
Taking into account the attribute bonuses of Rally Capacity and March Size Capacity, and using attack buff as the main reference indicator, we ranked these combinations, as detailed in the table below.
Among them, the intensity of the first three groups is almost the same. The third group (Pyrrhus + Alexander the Great) has the highest Ground Troop Attack buff, but the March Size Capacity buff is not as high as the first two groups. Moreover, Alexander the Great + Alessandra has the largest March Size Capacity among all the following combinations.
Main General
Assistant General
Ground Troop Attack Skill Book
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
Basil II
Alexander the Great
Please note that the combinations we recommend all meet the following two prerequisites:
  1. The main general’s special skill is full of stars;
  2. The specialties of the main general and assistant general are both at the maximum level.
As for the Skill Book, the special skill of Alexander the Great doesn’t conflict with Ground Troop Attack, Ground Troop Defense, Ground Troop HP, and Ground Troop Speed. However, you need to try that if they will take effect on general combinations. In addition, you can also use debuff skill books, March Size, and Luck.