Napoleon’s Legacy: Battle of Toulon War Season in Evony

Battle of Toulon War Season in Evony

Evony team announces the launch of the Battle of Toulon, a thrilling new chapter in their gaming saga, inviting players to step into a world reminiscent of Napoleon’s historic conquests, offering players an opportunity to demonstrate their strategic prowess in a grand warfare setting. This battlefield, reminiscent of Napoleon’s glory, is a chance for players to shine and claim victory in a setting as grand as the historical Battle of Austerlitz.

This season’s Battle of Toulon follows the format, rules, and rewards of the previous Constantinople Ultimate War Season, ensuring familiarity for seasoned players. To enhance the experience, a new event titled “Battle of Toulon – War Mobilization” has been introduced, providing additional rewards for those who display courage and skill in the Ultimate War Season.

Key Rules for the “Battle of Toulon – War Mobilization”:

  • The event activates during the Battle of Toulon Ultimate War Season. Players can complete specific quests listed on the event page to earn substantial rewards, which must be claimed before the event concludes.
  • The Battle of Toulon Ultimate War Season will temporarily take the place of the Constantinople Ultimate War Season, with scores from Toulon contributing to the Constantinople Season Ranking. Participants will receive the same rewards, glory, and fame as offered in the original Constantinople season.
  • The top-ranked alliances will earn an invitation to partake in the Battle of Austerlitz.

As for the Battle of Austerlitz, it temporarily replaces the Battle of Chalons, retaining the same format and detailed rules. Scores achieved here will count towards the Battle of Chalons ranking, with identical rewards, glory, and fame to be distributed.

Entry into the Major League of the Battle of Austerlitz requires alliances to rank in the top 256 in their continent’s Alliance Season Ranking during the Battle of Toulon Ultimate War Season. Alliances ranking between 257 and 1280 will join the Elite League, while others will participate in the Junior League.

This series of events presents a unique blend of historical themes and competitive strategy, inviting players to engage in a riveting experience that tests their skills and tactical acumen.