Benjamin Gifford Sharpens Evony’s Excellence with Tiger Teams

Benjamin Gifford's Tiger Team boosts Evony's Excellence

Co-founded by CEO Yaoqi Guo, also known as David Guo, and Vice President Benjamin Gifford, Top Games Inc. aims to become “the world’s most user-oriented game company.” This goal is evident in the development and marketing of Evony, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game launched in 2015.

Benjamin Gifford's Tiger Team boosts Evony's Excellence

We know that Yaoqi Guo is the co-founder and CEO of TPI and publishes multiple insightful perspectives, Yaoqi Guo embarked on an epic quest, transforming from a game visionary to a legendary figure in the world of ‘Evony’.. Interested players can get into view. Today, we mainly introduce the role of vice president Benjamin Gifford in TPI and dive into his insights about team management and what makes the game successful.

The Role of Benjamin Gifford

Benjamin Gifford oversees multiple aspects of Evony from game design to business strategy. He explains that Top Games’ success stems from focusing on “users and excellence.” In today’s crowded gaming market, prioritizing enjoyable and engaging gameplay is crucial to stand out.

“Move fast, but be responsible. You need to move fast and responsibly. Being fast allows you and your team to learn from experience, build more things, and ship solutions quickly to keep improving. ” Benjamin said.

Top Games pursues excellence, not perfection. The company understands perfection is unattainable but is constantly seeking new ways to improve. This manifests in several ways:

Exploration Bootcamp & Tiger Team

The Exploration Bootcamp that Top Games Inc. uses to develop talent is also a very innovative approach. By giving new team members the opportunity to explore their creative instincts and test new ideas in a safe environment, Top Games Inc. is creating a culture of innovation and creativity. This is essential for any company that wants to stay ahead of the competition in the ever-changing gaming industry.

This focus on excellence and innovation will likely propel Top Games’ continued growth. As Benjamin notes, “If an issue has been identified, we create a Tiger Team, and I’ll be on that to work through the issue and create a solution to ensure that issue stays fixed.”

Top Games Inc. takes a holistic approach to games by developing talent, innovating processes, and above all, meeting players’ needs through great game design. For Benjamin and the leadership team, the mission is straightforward: bring fun games to players everywhere through a user-oriented culture of excellence.

In 2022, Evony enjoyed more than 62 million Downloads and has achieved a wealth of achievements, click to see Evony Wins Multiple Awards in 2022. For 2022, TPI has received positive feedback from players, and users have high expectations for the future: that TPI will continue developing more fun and interesting games. Recent reports indicate the company is also working on casual game titles, so stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

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