CEO Yaoqi Guo’s Role in Top Games’ Success

David Guo is the co-founder and CEO of Top Games Inc., and his leadership has played a crucial role in the company's success.

Top Games Inc. has recently emerged as a gaming powerhouse, capturing the attention of gamers worldwide. Since its inception, it has grown into one of the most successful and influential video game developers globally. The co-founder and CEO of Top Games Inc., Yaoqi Guo, has been instrumental in the company’s success, has captivated a vast player base with Evony This article delves into the rise of Top Games Inc. and the factors contributing to its success.

Yaoqi Guo: A Passionate Leader

Yaoqi Guo, the CEO of Top Games Inc., has been pivotal in shaping the company’s trajectory. His journey as a successful game developer and marketer began with a simple passion for games. From a young age, Yaoqi Guo was captivated by the immersive worlds of video games, drawn to their compelling stories, intriguing characters, and the thrill of mastering different levels. As he grew older, his fascination extended to the behind-the-scenes aspects of game development, prompting him to elevate his passion for games to a professional level.

Upon joining Top Games Inc., Yaoqi Guo championed a player-centric approach to game design. He recognized that for many players, gaming transcended being a mere hobby and became a way of life. He believed that game design should foster a sense of connection and camaraderie among players, incorporating a sense of progression and personal growth, allowing players to invest a part of their lives in the game.

A Player-Centric Approach to Game Design

Yaoqi Guo led his team to rigorously test their products or services at the onset of each project to ensure optimal results. He asserted that only high-quality, user-centered games could survive in the increasingly competitive gaming industry. Especially in the realm of strategy games, he observed a shift towards more player-centric games. Players, he noted, know what they like and are willing to invest more time and money into games that provide a pleasant user experience.

This player-centric approach has resulted in the design of multiple award-winning games, such as the war strategy mobile game “EVONY,” which clinched the NYX Award in 2022. This approach has also propelled Top Games Inc. to become one of the leading game companies globally, with millions of players worldwide enjoying their online games.

The Pursuit of Excellence

In a post-award interview in 2022, Yaoqi Guo attributed his success to several factors. He highlighted that while the development team initially focused on achieving a perfect idea, they realized that an incessant pursuit of perfection often led to game development teams lagging behind their competitors. As a result, Top Games Inc. shifted its focus to embrace excellence throughout the development process. The company is committed to creating superior products and services and providing continuously improved gaming experiences. The team at Top Games Inc. operates with a streamlined, open, and flat structure, ensuring the free sharing of all information in all possible scenarios.

Success Beyond Evony

In addition to “Evony: The King’s Return,” Top Games Inc.’s other games, such as “Infinity Clan” and “Dream Journey Makeover,” have also achieved tremendous success. These games have amassed a large following and, along with “Evony: The King’s Return,” have garnered a massive fan base. The company has also engaged in successful collaborations, further solidifying its position in the gaming industry.

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