David Guo and Benjamin Gifford: The Dynamic Duo behind Top Games Inc.’s Success with Evony

David Guo and Benjamin Gifford, as CEOs, keep providing EVONY with new ideas, so that EVONY is still brilliant as a strategy mobile game
If you are familiar with the popular SLG game Evony, you would be amazed by its realism and playability. Since its release in 2016, Evony has attracted a large number of players with its multilingual support, realistic scene design, immersive history, intricate background characters, and various interesting elements and strategies in the game. It even won the prestigious NYX SILVER Award in the gaming industry last year. Top Games, the developer behind the game, is a world-renowned company. The CEO, David Guo, and VP, Benjamin Gifford, have left a lasting impression.
David Guo and Benjamin Gifford

Top Games Inc.: A Leader in Revenue and Bestselling Game

According to data.ai, Top Games Inc. ranks 13th in total revenue in the United States, and its flagship product ranks second on the bestseller list. The company’s overall revenue in the United States ranks 18th among all applications.
Top Games Inc. Vice President and Co-Publisher, Benjamin Gifford, shared in an interview how his team achieved success with their game, Evony. Benjamin Gifford stated that he has always believed that great ideas and creativity can come from any member of the company. The development team at Top Games Inc. now follows a new approach that focuses on pursuing excellence rather than perfection. Benjamin Gifford explained that over time, he discovered that continually striving for the perfect product only leads to falling behind in the fast-paced competition of innovative updates, putting oneself at a disadvantage.

Pursuing Excellence

Therefore, Benjamin Gifford encourages all members to explore various aspects of the business and strive for improvement. To achieve excellence, the Top Games team must constantly pursue increments and continuous progress, making small yet meaningful changes that bring about larger transformations. To succeed, it is crucial to empower your team and make data-driven decisions while encouraging them to take risks and learn from failures. The team should cultivate a culture of continuous growth and push beyond limits. At Top Games, we adopt a streamlined, open, and flat architecture where each engineer has a maximum of three levels of management, with the CEO being the highest authority. Managers and team leaders have a direct team of no more than seven individuals. Apart from legal or privacy considerations, this facilitates the free flow of information throughout the organization.

Culture of Continuous Growth

At Top Games Inc., every employee embodies the spirit of ownership, dedicating themselves to upholding the company’s values and achieving its goals. Each member carries the responsibility of doing the right thing and ensuring the preservation of the team’s objectives and principles. Top Games encourages proactive problem-solving by sharing comprehensive information, supporting team decisions, and empowering its members. According to Benjamin Gifford, the team is the company’s most valuable resource, and Top Games invests significantly in this aspect, which yields substantial profits.

David Guo (Yaoqi Guo), the CEO of Top Games Inc., openly acknowledges that the remarkable achievements of Top Games are largely attributed to the hard work and dedication of its employees. To fully unleash their creativity, the company provides an exploration camp for most new hires, offering them a platform to realize their potential. Top Games believes in the innovative capabilities of its employees and fosters a positive and supportive work environment by investing in their growth and encouraging them to stay and evolve with the company.

It is precisely this spirit of continuous improvement that has propelled Top Games Inc. to extraordinary success in just eight years. The company’s flagship game, “Evony: The Return of the King,” has seen a steady increase in downloads and ranks among the top three best-selling applications.

Although Top Games has achieved remarkable success, the company is not content with its current accomplishments. It is prepared to embrace further challenges, and David Guo will continue to rely on his tried-and-true formula for success to propel the company forward. This includes investing in the potential of its employees and cultivating a supportive work environment. Through these endeavors, Top Games aims to sustain its position as a frontrunner in the gaming industry and deliver top-notch entertainment experiences to its fans.

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