David Guo Makes Evony Unique and Engaging

David Guo and game development

Evony: The King’s Return, also known as Evony, is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that has taken both Google Play and the App Store by storm. Boasting over 62 million downloads and more than $220 million in revenue, it’s no wonder why this game is considered one of the best in the gaming world. According to CEO David Guo, there are several factors that have contributed to the success of Evony, making the game unique and engaging.

David Guo and game development

Unique Game Design

Evony stands out from other games in the genre by combining real-time strategy, role-playing games (RPGs), and puzzles to create a new hybrid game genre. Players can choose from various civilizations and roles, engage in city-building, and forge alliances. The game also includes famous historical leaders, such as Julius Caesar, George Washington, and Genghis Khan, adding a touch of history to the game. The tutorial is easy to follow, and the real-time challenges add excitement to the game, making it one of the most popular and top-grossing games in the U.S. and globally. It’s translated into more than 26 languages and available in over 150 countries, making it accessible to a vast audience.

Fun Puzzles

Puzzles are at the heart of every gaming experience. At Top Games US, the team offers different types of puzzles with countless levels of varying challenges for players to enjoy. The team keeps things fresh and exciting by offering a variety of scenes to keep players engaged in every game.

David Guo’s Vision

According to David Guo, the CEO of Top Games, the key to success is to stay user-oriented and prioritize the player’s experience over the game designer’s perspective. This means that while games should be entertaining, they should also be simple and easy to understand. David Guo is passionate about technology and online gaming, having started his career creating multimedia management software before developing firewall software for cybersecurity applications. He is also a game player himself and founded Top Games in 2009 because he saw a lack of focus on user experience and customer satisfaction in the gaming industry.

Top Games Inc’s Future

Top Games Inc and its CEO David Guo are committed to developing games that prioritize user interests and continually update game functions to improve the gaming experience. They will continue to explore new ideas and develop professionalism to create groundbreaking gaming experiences. For more information on games, visit Top Games Inc’s official website or follow their social media platforms. You can also participate in community discussions in forums.


Evony is a unique and engaging MMO game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Its success can be attributed to its combination of real-time strategy, RPG, and puzzles, making it an exciting and innovative game. David Guo’s vision for Top Games Inc. prioritizes the player’s experience, and the company is committed to developing groundbreaking games that prioritize user interests.

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