David Guo proves his operational direction with EVONY

The success of EVONY is inseparable from its development company, Top Games Inc., and its CEO, David Guo.
The mobile gaming industry is experiencing robust development, with a first-time installation increase of 8%, reaching 90 billion, reaching a historical high. According to mobile app data provider Sensor Tower, a mobile game called EVONY witnessed significant growth in net revenue in 2022, with global earnings reaching $385,751,902, which is 1.5 times the $221,676,485 earned in 2021. The game’s popularity has also seen a substantial increase, with 46,286,214 downloads, a significant rise compared to the previous year. The success of EVONY is inseparable from its development company, Top Games Inc., and its CEO, David Guo.
The success of EVONY is inseparable from its development company, Top Games Inc., and its CEO, David Guo.
David Guo on the Keys to Success
From EVONY’s performance, it is clear that they have been successful. In an award-winning interview, David Guo, the CEO of Top Games Inc., explained to us how they were able to create such a successful product.
With over a decade of experience in the gaming industry, David Guo has extensive expertise in game development and marketing. As the Vice President and a top developer of “Evony,” David Guo holds multiple roles, actively participating in game design, marketing, and business strategy. When issues arise, David Guo assembles a team to address them and devise solutions.
David Guo says that the development team focuses on achieving a perfect idea, and if it’s not 100% perfect, they won’t allow anything to be released in the market. However, Top Games Inc. realizes that while this pursuit of perfection is understandable, it often leads game development teams to fall far behind their competitors. That’s why Top Games Inc. embraces excellence rather than perfection as their ideal and primary focus throughout the development process. Top Games strives to create better products and services, offering continuously improving gaming experiences. The team shouldn’t be confined to a protective work mode but should expand their capabilities and constantly grow, rather than being satisfied with current success.
The Top Games team operates with a streamlined, open, and flat structure. In the engineering department, the management hierarchy for each engineer is no more than three levels away from the CEO, and managers and team leaders have no more than seven direct subordinates. Under the leadership of CEO David Guo, the leadership team at Top Games Inc. strives to ensure the free sharing of all information in all possible scenarios.”
In the final remarks of the interview, David Guo stated, “The Top Games team is our greatest asset, so we have invested a significant amount of capital from the very beginning, which has helped us generate record-breaking profits.”
what is EVONY?
In 2016, Top Games Inc. released Evony, which gained a loyal user base with its unique multi-civilization system and realistic war experience. To expand its market and reach more users, in 2017, Top Games Inc.’s co-founder and CEO, David Guo, spared no expense to hire renowned directors and actors in the industry to shoot a product advertisement, which was aired during the Super Bowl. The advertisement featured stunning visuals and a tense atmosphere that touched the hearts of every viewer, generating a significant impact. The advertisement directly entered the top ten ads for the Super Bowl.
Since then, the popularity of Evony has soared, becoming one of the top five downloaded games in the United States. Its rating on the Google Play Store has consistently been around 4.4, while achieving a commendable rating of 4.1 on the Apple App Store.
For those who have played this game, its enduring appeal is not surprising. Evony combines elements of intrigue, the ability to be a king or ruler, and multiple challenges to be overcome in the process of conquering territories, negotiating peace, strengthening towns, and training armies. Over the years, it has attracted players of all ages and backgrounds. The game features dynamic elements similar to Dragon’s Lair and Power; in fact, Evony even includes ten different types of dragons, although players may need to progress through early levels to obtain one or more of them.

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