David Guo: Top Games Inc. has kicked off 2023 on a high note

Top Games Inc has kicked off 2023 on a high note

Top Games Inc., a global video game developer, and the publisher has kicked off 2023 on a high note. The company’s flagship game, Evony: The King’s Return, recorded a record-breaking performance in December 2022.


David Guo: Top Games Inc. has kicked off 2023 on a high note
David Guo: Top Games Inc. has kicked off 2023 on a high note

Real-Time Voice Chat and Auto-Translation

Available on Android and iOS, Evony: The King’s Return is set in medieval Europe and challenges players to solve puzzles, build cities, train troops, and expand their empires. With its rich feature set, real-time voice discussion, and auto-translated text chat, it has become a massive hit among gamers worldwide.

Data.ai, the world’s first unified AI company, recently reported on the performance of Evony: The King’s Return and Top Games Inc. According to their data, the game was the 2nd top-grossing strategy game in the U.S. in December 2022 and the company was ranked 13th among top-grossing app companies. The game was also the 18th top-grossing app overall in the U.S. across Google Play and the App Store.

David Guo is constantly working to improve the player experience

“Despite the challenges faced by the mobile games industry in 2022, our team remains focused on providing more fun for our players, we are constantly working to improve the player experience,” says David Guo, CEO at Top Games Inc.

David brings a passion to the gaming world that’s rivaled by few in his industry, brings over 25 years of software and game development, network security, UX, game theory, and API design.

The Vice President of the team is Benjamin Gifford and is responsible for a bit of everything, from game design to marketing, business strategy, and more. Often if an issue has been identified, he creates a Tiger Team, and he’ll be on that to work through the issue and create a solution to ensure that the issue stays fixed. To aspiring or current game developers and marketing professionals, he offers the following:

“Focus excessively on users. Start with the end user as your main focus and work back from that viewpoint. By focusing on your end users first, and earning and keeping their trust, everything else will follow.”

Founded in 2016, Top Games Inc. has rapidly grown into a leading global video game developer and publisher. In 2022, Evony: The King’s Return achieved over 60 million downloads and generated substantial revenue for the company. With the game’s continued success, the team behind it is focused on making it the hottest real-time massively multiplayer online strategy game in 2023 and beyond.

In addition to Evony: The King’s Return, Top Games Inc. has also seen significant success with other titles, such as Infinity Clan and Dream Journey Makeover, which have attracted a strong following of fans. The company recently participated in a successful collaboration between Evony: The King’s Return and Kong: Skull Island, further solidifying its position as a leader in cross-platform gameplay.

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