A Guide to Debuff Subordinate City Generals in Evony

Darius I

Are you looking to improve your gameplay in Evony The King’s Return? Then you need to know about the buffs and debuffs that can greatly affect the outcome of PvP battles, especially in the endgame. In this guide to Subordinate City Generals, we will cover the reliable Debuff General combinations.

Darius I
Darius I

Debuff Subordinate City Generals in Evony

When it comes to the Debuff Generals for your subordinate cities in Evony,  Darius I and the Nordic Barbarian King can be chosen. These Generals have skills that Debuff every troop type, making them overall choices. For example, the sets of Achaemenidae equipment and academy provide Debuffs as below:


So choosing certain types of debuffs that equipment doesn’t cover will maximize the benefits.

Debuff General combinations

If you’re looking for reliable debuff general combinations in the game, consider trying out the following generals

  • Ground Debuff Generals: Darius I, Yeon Gaesomun, Constantine the Great;
  • Mounted Debuff Generals: Constantine the Great, Margaret I, Hōjō Ujiyasu;
  • Ranged Debuff Generals: Mark Antony, Cnut the Great, Baldwin IV;
  • Siege Debuff Generals: Baldwin I, Gilgamesh;
  • Overall Debuff Generals: Nordic Barbarian King.

Keep in mind that your own equipment and technology levels may affect the effectiveness of these combinations, and you can assign different generals to different sub-cities to optimize your strategy. By testing out different combinations and seeking advice from other players, you can find the Debuff General combinations that work best for your individual circumstances.

How to Maximize Debuffs

Equipping your sub-city Generals with Achaemenidae Debuff equipment can help build Debuffs, but it’s also important to choose your Subordinate City Generals carefully. Maximizing the best skills for diminishing your opponents is key. When considering the best attributes to debuff (attack, defense, or HP), two rules of thumb are helpful:

  • Debuffing Attack for Ranged (archers, siege) is better than Defense or HP
  • Debuffing HP, Defense, and Attack for Ground and Mounted are all important, starting with HP first

It’s also worth noting that you can have up to 9 Subordinate Cities, which means you can have up to 9 Debuff Generals in your Subordinate Cities, or get a new item available now called “Glory Subordinate City Expansion Order“. Purchasing it will allow you to add an additional subordinate city. 

Debuffing is a crucial part of gameplay in Evony, and choosing the right Subordinate City Generals can make all the difference in battle. Whether you’re looking for the best overall Debuff generals or generals that specialize in a specific troop type, this guide has got you covered. Remember to equip your Generals with Achaemenidae debuff gear and choose your subordinate city generals carefully to maximize your Debuffs. Good luck in your battles!

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