Evony: The King's Return

Published by Top Games Inc.in 2016

Free online PC and mobile game specially designed for players with diverse elements such as real-time war, main city development, breeding historical heroes, epic battles!

NYX Silver Award

Evony won the NYX Silver Award in the 2022 NYX Game Awards Season 1 cycle.

5# Ranking

Evony ranked 5# in Data.ai's list of Top Ten US-Headquartered Mid-Core Games.

Best MMO Award

Evony received the Samsung Galaxy Store 2022 Best MMO Award.

Strategy & Puzzle-Solving

Evony: The King’s Return uniquely combines classic SLG (simulation game) elements with engaging puzzle-solving mechanics, attracting a wide range of players.


The game offers 7 major civilization themes, such as America, China, Europe, Russia, Korea, Arabia, and Japan, each with its own architectural style and bonuses, allowing players to build and decorate their city according to their preferences.


Diversity of Historical Heroes

Players can encounter legendary heroes such as Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, George Washington, Wu Zetian, Charlemagne, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Qin Shi Huang, Alexander the Great, and Oda Nobunaga in the game.

War Modes

siege warfare, resource warfare, and player-vs-player combat, offering a rich real-time war SLG experience.

Top Games Inc. (TPI), established in 2015, is a global independent developer and publisher of online and mobile games. Its diverse portfolio includes titles such as Evony: The King’s Return, Mafia Origin, Alliance of Glory, Kings Legion, Infinity Clan, Salon Superstars and more. To date, over 200 million people in more than 150 countries worldwide have enjoyed TPI’s games, which have been translated into over 25 languages. 

The company has also forged lasting relationships with major online platform giants like Google and Facebook. According to the independent market analysis authority App Annie, Top Games Inc. ranks as the highest-grossing digital app and game publisher in over 20 countries.

The company’s executives CEO David Guo (Yaoqi Guo) , Vice President Benjamin Gifford. They work together to drive future trends and strategy development for TPI.

Games Portfolio

Yaoqi Guo

TPI co-Founder & CEO

Tony Cerrato

Marketing Officer
at uCool, Inc.


Yaoqi Guo-From Gaming Enthusiast to Industry Leader

Yaoqi Guo: From Gaming Enthusiast to Industry Leader

Yaoqi Guo’s journey in gaming, from a passionate player to a successful developer and marketer, started in his childhood.

David Guo and his team

David Guo’s Player-Centric Philosophy

David Guo, one of the most influential figures in the gaming industry today, has an impressive background in software and game development.

Benjamin Gifford's Tiger Team boosts Evony's Excellence

Benjamin Gifford Sharpens Evony’s Excellence with Tiger Teams

Benjamin Gifford oversees multiple aspects of Evony from game design to business strategy. He explains that Top Games’ success stems from focusing on “users and excellence.”


Benjamin Gifford & uCool’s Lu Lu: Mastering Game Marketing at the Super Bowl

Top Games VP Benjamin Gifford of Top Games and uCool’s CEO, Lu Lu, achieved exceptional results with their Super Bowl advertisement.