Edward Teach, Pet City, and Alliance Carnival in Children’s Day

Evony Pet City Castles
Currently, Evony releases a lot of interesting Children’s Day Events. During these events, you can get the new General Edward Teach, the new Castle Pet City, and the new March Effect Fluff and Claw. And you can also participate in the Alliance Carnival event to earn Castle Decoration – Elven City, Invincible Asura Animated Avatar Frame, Historic Generals, and other rare rewards.

Edward Teach

Special Skill – Queen Anne’s Revenge:

Increases siege machines’ attack and defense by 30% when the General is leading the army. Increases ranged troops and siege machines’ attack by 10% when the General brings any dragon or Spiritual Beast.
General Edward Teach is a pretty strong General. So, how to get him?

No.1 Event Package

You will have a chance to get General Edward Teach from the Epic Historic General (Premium) token in the 5th-tier Children’s Day Event Package.

No.2 Historic General Summoning Event

Purchase the 5th tier of the event package, you can receive the Epic Historic General (Glory). Use it to summon an Epic Historic General in the Historic General Summoning Event. Evony will set a higher chance to get Edward Teach during the event. The General is guaranteed within each 6 summons.
Evony Alliance Carnival Event
Evony Alliance Carnival Event

Event Castle and March Effect

Pet City

You can join the King’s Party Event and purchase basic Gems to increase the EXP of your Party Cake.
When your Party Cake reaches Lv10, you can claim Pet City (Permanent). Use it to select either Pet City – Bastet or Pet City – Anubis you want to get. If you want to own both, you may need to focus on Evony’s events in the future.

The attributes of Pet City – Bastet

Own to activate:
Training Capacity +1,000
Use to activate:
  1. In City Ground Troop Defense +40%
  2. Ranged Troop Attack +15%

The attributes of Pet City – Anubis

Own to activate:
Train Capacity +1,000
Use to activate:
  1. In City Mounted Troop HP +40%
  2. Siege Machine Attack +15%
Evony Pet City Castles
Evony Pet City Castles

March Effect – Fluff and Claw

Purchase the Decoration Collection Package in the Valuable Event list.

Alliance Carnival Event

There are two necessary items you have to get. So, how to get them? And what can you earn during this event.

Refined Iron Helmet

Get it by Resource Gathering – gaining capacity is 200
Get it by Monster Kill – gaining capacity is 600

Rare Gold Helmet

Package Purchase – Children’s Day event package
Use them to increase your scores. The scores will reset every day. So you can earn rewards each day when you reach specific scores.
In addition, using Refined Iron Helmet can earn a Shield of Glory, and using Rare Gold Helmet can earn a Sword of Justice. These two items can be used to redeem Castle Decoration, Generals, and other precious rewards.

Shield of Glory can redeem things below:

  • Ramune
  • Water Balloon
  • Shave Ice
  • Goldfish
  • Candy Apple
  • Taiyaki
  • Lucky Cat

Sword of Justice can redeem things below:

  • Castle Decoration – Elven City (Permanent)
  • Animated Avatar Frame – Invincible Asura
  • Historic General (Yodo-dono)
  • Historic General (Gaius Octavius)
  • Blood of Ares
  • Refining Stone
  • Runestone Chest
  • Dragon Crystal
  • Dragon Source Fragment
  • Material Bag (Silk Road)
  • Treasure Box
  • Tactic Scroll
  • Research Stone
  • Source of Life
  • Soul Crystal
  • Super Resource Chest
  • 60-Minute Speed Up

The Attributes of Elven City

Own to activate:
When defending, Enemy Ranged Yroop Attack -10%
Use to activate:
  1. Marching Siege Machine Attack +15%
  2. Marching Siege Machine HP +15%
  3. Enemy Troop Defense -10%

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