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Evony General Introduction – Queen Jindeok

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The fate of Silla hung in the balance, its survival depends on the leadership of their queen. gazed out at the sea of anxious faces in her war council and steeled her resolve. She had not spent years guiding Silla's rise only to see it fall in a single misstep. Today let's take a closer look at the 's special skills and the way to get her in Evony.

Queen Jindeok in Evony
Queen Jindeok in Evony

General Story

Long ago, Jindeok had emerged from the ranks of the Seonggol to claim her throne. Through force of will, she had won over her doubters and mastered the machinations of politics. With help from General Kim Yushin, Queen Jindeok had built up Silla's defenses, earning vital alliances that poised her kingdom to unite the Three Kingdoms under her rule. Now, with enemy forces massing on Silla's borders, all eyes turned to Queen Jindeok once more. Her councilors clamored with fear, advising retreat and submission to preserve their lives.  Yet Jindeok knew survival meant nothing without sovereignty. She had sacrificed too much, and come too far to turn back now. Silla's fate was her fate. Its future was her legacy. Queen Jindeok raised her hand and silenced the chamber. In a clear, ringing voice she declared: “Those who would threaten Silla shall find its Queen stands alone against them. We do not retreat. We do not yield. We fight!” Her words stirred their hearts; her resolve ignited their courage. Victory or death – for Queen and kingdom both – they placed their lives in Jindeok's hands once more. The battle was hers to wage. The future hers to forge. All glory to the !

General Special Skill

Harvest Song – After resource gathering, brings back an extra 40% of resources from World Map Resource Spots and an extra 20% of resources from Alliance Resource Spots when the General is leading the army.

General Specialty (Max Level Effect)

  • Defense – Ground Troop HP +10%, Ground Troop Defense +10%
  • Jungle – +10%
  • King's Ambition – Troop death into troop soul rate in the main city +10%
  • Queen of Silla – Extra Resources from Gathering +20%

The way to get this General

You can recruit Queen Jindeok in .
[PS: If you want to increase the chance of refreshing Epic Historic Generals, you need to increase the level of the Tavern. Currently, level 35 is basically the maximum probability.]
Recruit Queen Jindeok
Recruit Queen Jindeok


Recruit entrance in Tavern
Recruit entrance in Tavern
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