Evony General Introduction – Theodora

General Theodora
Amidst a time of peril and convention, a resolute voice emerged, defying norms and shaping destiny. Theodora, the women’s liberator, and empress of Justinian I, spoke boldly in the face of danger. Her unwavering leadership and unwavering faith saved the Justinian dynasty from the Nika riots. Today, she is remembered as a saint and revered for her exceptional intellect. Today let’s take a closer look at this empress in Evony.
Historic General - Theodora
Historic General – Theodora

General Story

“My lords, in this serious moment, I cannot abide by the convention that a woman should not speak in a man’s council. When faced with extreme danger, we must prioritize the wisest course of action over societal norms. Flight, even if it ensures safety, is not the right choice. Death is inevitable for all but for one who has reigned, becoming a fugitive is intolerable. May I always be recognized as empress, adorned in this purple robe? If you, my lord, seek salvation, it is within reach. Our wealth, the sea, and the ships await. Yet consider whether safety alone would satisfy, or if death would be preferable. As for me, I believe the royal purple is the noblest shroud. These are the words of Theodora, the great liberator of women.
She was the empress of Justinian I in the Byzantine Empire and, like her husband, was canonized as a ‘saint’ by the Orthodox Church. Theodora’s birthplace is disputed, but according to Procopius’ Secret History, she faced early disrespect from the upper classes. As queen, her talents flourished, offering invaluable counsel to Justinian. During the Nika riots in 532, her unwavering determination and faith saved the Justinian dynasty. Contemporary sources such as John Lydus hailed her intelligence as superior to any man’s.”

Special Skill

Legendary Empress:
  • Increases Ground Troops’ and Mounted Troops’ attacks by 30%.
  • Increases Double Items Drop Rate from Monsters by 10% when the General leads the army to attack Monsters
The Special Skill of Theodora
The Special Skill of Theodora

General Specialty (Max Level Effect)

  • Inspiration – Ranged Troop Attack on Monsters +20%
  • Fortune – Double Items Drop Rate from Monsters +15%
  • Unparalleled Leader – The death-turning-wounded rate of troops when they are attacking +10%
  • Partner of Justinian – Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack +15%, Monsters Attack -15%

The way to get Theodora

If you’re careful enough, you will notice that Theodora is not in the Tavern’s Portraits and there is only one way to get her, First Purchase. The general is extremely cost-effective in Evony because you can get her just by purchasing 1 Basic Gem.

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