Evony General Sulla: an outstanding Archer Camp Officer

General Sulla
Sulla is a Roman general and statesman who held the office of consul and revived the dictatorship. In Evony, Epic Historic General Sulla can bring excellent buffs to Ranged Troops and In-city Troops as an Archer Camp Officer. Please read this article to understand Sulla’s Story, Special Skill, Specialty, and how to obtain Sulla in Evony.

General’s Story of Sulla

In 88 BC, Mithridates’ rebellion and expansion in Roman Asia led him to conflict with Rome. The Senate sent special orders to Lucius Cornelius Sulla and charged him with driving out Mithridates.
In 87 BC, Sulla marched on Greece. Sulla found the immediate allegiance of most of its cities. Athens, nevertheless, remained loyal to Mithridates.
The siege of Athens was a long and brutal campaign, and Sulla’s legions thoroughly besieged Athens. Aristion and his followers surrendered when their water ran out. The war ended in a Roman victory which forced Mithridates to abandon all of his conquests. Sulla was said by contemporaries to have had the cunning of a fox and the courage of a lion in him.
General Sulla
General Sulla

Sulla’s Special Skill

Military Dictatorship
Increases ranged troops’ attack by 15% and ranged troops’ defense and HP by 10% when the General is the Archer Camp Officer.
When the General is the Archer Camp Officer:
1* – In-city Troops Defense +15% and HP +15%
2* – In-city Troops Defense +25% and Ranged Troop Training Speed +30%
3* – In-city Troops HP +25% and Ranged Troop Training Capacity +30%
4* – In-city Troops Defense +25% and HP +25%
5* – Ranged Troop Attack +10%, Defense, HP +20%

Sulla’s Specialty

  • Ranged Troop Formation: Ranged Troop Attack and Defense +10%
  • Bash: Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Sage: (Applied to Archer Camp Officer) Ranged Troop Training Speed +20% and Training Capacity +20%
  • Battle of Prchomenus: (Applied to Archer Camp Officer) Ranged Troop Training Speed +30% and Attack +20%

The Way to Get Sulla

No.1 Trial of Knights Event

This general used to be available at Trial of Knights Event in Evony. Players can just buy the Knight’s Growth Sale to receive the Knight’s Growth General Chest, and open the chest to get a chance of obtaining General Sulla.
But!!! It seems no longer available now.
Perhaps we can expect to see Sulla in the Delphic Oracle Event or Officer General Chest in the future.

No.2 Delphic Oracle Event

Evony will randomly select an Epic Historic General in each round of this event. During the event, players can earn Glory of Astraeus by gathering resources, killing monsters, and purchasing Diamond Stardust Package. And use the Glory of Astraeus to wish for the corresponding General.

No.3 Wheel of Past Secret Event

During the event, players can use Lion Statues to spin the Wheel of Past Secret and earn limited rewards, including Officer General Chest. And open the chest to select 1 Officer General Token which includes General Sulla.
Get Offical General Chest from Wheel of Past Secret Event
Get Offical General Chest from Wheel of Past Secret Event

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