Yaoqi Guo: Evony Makes Real-time War Gaming More Fun


Evony: The King’s Return isn’t just any game; it’s a real-time war SLG that blends elements of city development, exploration, recruitment of historically renowned Generals, and monumental battles. Against the backdrop of a virtual medieval continent, the game’s story unfurls following the abrupt demise of the old continent ruler, plunging it into chaos. Players, assuming the role of lords on this continent, suppress family rebellions to expand their territorial influence, aiming to overthrow the tyrant king and claim the empire’s sovereignty.

Historical Legends and Civilizations

Evony distinguishes itself by incorporating major historical civilizations, each boasting unique talents and architectural styles. Players encounter legendary Generals like Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, George Washington, Wu Zetian, and others, weaving a rich tapestry of historical narratives within the game.

For over seven years, Evony has stood as a stalwart in the gaming realm, accumulating accolades and establishing an astounding global presence. In 2022, its remarkable success was highlighted by substantial revenue growth, propelling its worldwide net revenue to an impressive $385,751,902, marking a 1.5-fold increase from the previous year. These impressive figures underscore Evony’s ability to captivate audiences with its innovative features and compelling gameplay.

Evony distinctively fosters a vibrant community through its alliance system, nurturing camaraderie and strategic collaborations among players. This emphasis on social connectivity has been instrumental in retaining a devoted player base, elevating Evony beyond mere gameplay into an immersive shared experience.

Yaoqi Guo’s Vision and Impact at Top Games Inc.

Yaoqi Guo, also known as David Guo, serves as the co-founder and CEO of Top Games Inc., overseeing the essential departments within the company. With an extensive background encompassing over 25 years in software and game development, network security, UX, game theory, and API design, Yaoqi Guo brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

“From game theory, API design to UX development and creating complex algorithms, the way our lives are improved through these interacting information systems is what drives me,” said Top Games CEO Yaoqi Guo

Passionate about technology, software, and the utilization of information in social interaction, CEO Yaoqi Guo’s enthusiasm drives his commitment to crafting innovative gaming experiences. His profound understanding of technology’s role in social dynamics fuels his vision for enhancing user experiences within the gaming sphere.