Evony’s Ideal Land Cap Lift and Key Gameplay Enhancements

Evony's Ideal Land Cap Lift and Key Gameplay Enhancements

In the vibrant world of Evony, an air of excitement is palpable as a wave of game-enhancing updates is set to sweep across the lands, promising an even richer gaming experience for its loyal denizens. The developers, always in pursuit of perfection, have unveiled a series of enhancements that are nothing short of revolutionary.

Evony's Ideal Land Cap Lift and Key Gameplay Enhancements

Elevating the Ideal Land to New Heights:

The realm witnesses a significant milestone as the cap on Ideal Land levels is elevated from 5 to 7. Inhabitants of Evony can now ascend to unprecedented heights of power by navigating to “Ideal Land” and selecting “Upgrade,” embarking on a quest to level up their cherished lands.

Unveiling the New Ideal Land Attributes:

  • At the newfound Level 6, the power surges to 4,000,000, bolstered by a construction speed increase of +27%. Moreover, the health, attack, and defense of all troops are enhanced by +25%, a testament to the newfound might.
  • Advancing to Level 7 unlocks even greater power, with a staggering 5,000,000 power level and a +32% boost in construction speed. The troops, the backbone of any empire, receive a monumental boost of +30% in health, attack, and defense, heralding an era of unmatched strength.

The Treasure of Civilization Reaches New Peaks:

The pursuit of greatness sees the maximum level for Civilization Treasure elevated from 8 to 11, with each level up enriching the empire’s attributes magnificently. To enhance their Civilization Treasures with Treasure Fragments, citizens are guided to “Wonder” -> “Civilization Treasure” -> “Upgrade,” unlocking the doors to greater power and prestige.

Refinement of the March Queue:

The march queue on the World Map undergoes a sophisticated refinement, enhancing both its interface and functionality. A new “Rally Details” button now graces the march queue panel, allowing a swift glance at rally information. Rally initiators find themselves empowered, able to launch attacks or cancel rallies with newfound efficiency, while previous issues of disorderly display are consigned to history.

Enhanced Protection with Emblems and Buff Icon:

A new era of safety dawns with the introduction of an emblem protection feature, activated via the safe code in settings, providing an extra layer of security for unlocking and consuming emblems. Additionally, a new shortcut button for city buffs makes its debut at the upper left corner of the game interface, showcasing current buffs at a glance and allowing for meticulous management of city buffs.

These updates, meticulously crafted to enhance the gaming experience, breathe new life into the world of Evony, inviting its inhabitants to explore, conquer, and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape of adventure and power.

The Evony team is deeply committed to ongoing improvement and enhancing the depth of gameplay. Evony launches weekly campaigns that impress and inspire community engagement. Most recently, the team concluded the Napoleon co-branded campaign, which was a resounding success, attracting over 1,000,000 players.

Standout Features of Evony

A remarkable aspect of Evony is its vivid portrayal of diverse historical civilizations and emblematic figures, including George Washington, Napoleon, George Dewey, and Oda Nobunaga. These characters enrich the game, infusing it with depth and offering players a rich tapestry of historical narratives and civilizations.

Evony provides a variety of war modes, encompassing siege warfare and player-versus-player battles. Coupled with captivating weekly events, these modes foster sustained engagement among players. A notable example is the recent “Civilization Celebration” event, featuring the “Quest For Treasure Event.” During this event, players have the opportunity to obtain Ancient Treasure Maps, embark on treasure hunts, and confront formidable adversaries, such as the Desert Bandit. Additionally, the event incorporates a points system that rewards both individual players and their alliances for achieving specific milestones, further enhancing the gaming experience.

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