Flexible Specialty: A New Way to Enhance Your Generals in Evony

Evony Specialty and Flexible Specialty

Recently, Evony has introduced a new innovation called Flexible Specialty, a unique feature that can be equipped or removed by Epic Historic Generals who have fully mastered their first three Specialties. This article unveils this intricate system, guiding you through the process of learning and mastering these unique functions.

Evony Specialty and Flexible Specialty
Evony Specialty and Flexible Specialty

General Specialty

Unlocking General Specialty begins when your general reaches Level 25. Comprising four original Specialties, each contains five stages, ranging from Veteran to Genius. To move through these stages, players must utilize Gems and different types of Runestone. But beware! The fourth Specialty is only accessible when the first three reach the Genius stage.

Increasing your learning efficiency is made possible by using the Lucky Stone, which can double your EXP gains during learning. The effectiveness can reach up to 90%, with a requirement of 10 Lucky Stones.

New Function – Flexible Specialty

Unlike traditional Specialty, Flexible Specialty offers a vibrant twist. Unlocking this function requires your first three Specialties to be at max level. This flexible feature has five qualities (ranging from green to golden), with each quality containing 20 levels.

  • Level Upgrade: Consumes various types of Runestone.
  • Quality Promotion: Requires the same Flexible Specialty’s Specialty Fragment (10 fragments to change from green to blue quality).
  • Attributes: Basic Attributes increase with new levels, while Quality Attributes enhance the buff effect as the quality promotion progresses.
There are 9 types of Flexible Specialty, and their attribute directions are in the following table.
Flexible Specialty Name
Basic Attribute & Quality Attribute Direction
Piercing Arrows
Ranged Troop
Precision Arrows
Heavy Legions
Ground Troop
Breaker Legions
Forceful Cavalry
Mounted Troop
Guerilla Cavalry
Siege Ballista
Siege Machine
Battering Ballista
Iron Curtain
In City Troop

The Way to Get Lucky Stone

  1. PvP: Mainly obtainable from Server War and Battlefield, you can trigger Lucky Favor to get Lucky Stones if both sides’ troop power loss is more than 35M (up to 10 times a day).
  2. General Hall: Unlock “Meritocrat” in General Hall I (requires Art Hall level 34), and then collect specific generals for rewards including Lucky Stones.

The Way to Get Flexible Specialty

Obtain a random Flexible Specialty from the Flexible Specialty Box or chance upon it during Evony’s Heavenly Fire Ceremony, where you’ll need to collect Guardian Stamps to explore the garden. Quick earning opportunities are available from the new monster, Basilisk.


The introduction of Flexible Specialty adds a thrilling new dimension to Evony’s strategy, providing additional layers of complexity and excitement for its veteran players. Whether mastering General Specialty or diving into the unique world of Flexible Specialty, these new additions emphasize strategic planning, constant growth, and relentless pursuit of excellence. In a game that never ceases to evolve, Evony challenges you to adapt, strategize, and triumph in a world where only the sharpest generals prevail.