Gain and Use Queen Anne’s Revenge Edward Teach in Evony

Evony Epic Historic General Edward Teach
Edward Teach is one of the most famous pirates who is known for his uncommon boldness and personal courage. In Evony, Epic Historic General Edward Teach is a strong Siege General and qualified for the position of Main General. To understand how to get and use General Edward Teach, this article will introduce his Story, Special Skill, Specialty, and acquisition paths.

The Story of Edward Teach

In 1718, upon the expanse of the Atlantic coast, Edward Teach stands at the helm of “Queen Anne’s Revenge”, barreling toward the British naval base at full battle speed, heralding the beginning of a legendary war.
This clash, against overwhelming odds, marked his rule over these waters. Under relentless bombardment, his pirate ship collided with the British ship, decimating their ranks with ruthless gunfire.
The defeated navy retreated, marking the rise of ‘Blackbeard’ across the Atlantic. Fear gripped the European coastlines; safety became an illusion. Teach ascended to the helm of Nassau’s Pirate Republic, initiating a golden era in pirate lore. His visits to numerous islands resulted in a vast trove of treasures, sparking a feverish hunt among pirates for the legendary hoard.

The Special Skill of Edward Teach

Queen Anne’s Revenge:
Increases siege machines’ attack and defense by 30% when the General is leading the army. Increases ranged troops and siege machines’ attack by 10% when the General brings any dragon or Spiritual Beast.
1* – Siege Machine Attack +5% and Defense +15%
2* – Marching Troop Death into Wounded Rate +8%
3* – Siege Machine Attack +5%; when General is launching Alliance War, Rally Capacity +8%
4* – Siege Machine HP +55%
5* – Siege Machine Attack +25% and Defense +25%
Edward Teach's Special Skill and Specialty
Edward Teach’s Special Skill and Specialty

The Specialty of Edward Teach (Max Level Attributes)

  • Siege Machine Formation: Siege Machine Attack and Defense +10%
  • Bash: Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Siege Machine Ares: Siege Machine Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • Blackbeard: Siege Machine Attack +35%; Ranged Troop and Siege Machine HP +25%

The Way to Get Edward Teach

No.1 Epic Historic General (Premium) Token

You will have a chance to get Edward Teach from Epic Historic General (Premium) token. And the token can be obtained in the following ways.
  • 5th-tier Children’s Day event package (Higher probability to get Edward Teach), focus on the Children’s Day Events and get the new Castle Pet City, and the new March Effect Fluff and Claw.
  • Other event packages
  • VIP11 to VIP25 Premium Package
  • Limited Offer
  • Lv11-20 Champion Loyalty Rewards

No.2 Historic General Summoning Event

You can also summon Edward Teach on the Historic General Summoning page. During the event, you will have more chances to receive Edward Teach in the Historic General Summoning. And General Edward Teach is guaranteed within 6 times. So, this is a cost-effective method to get Edward Teach.
Summon Generals at this event need to consume Epic Historic General (Glory) that can be obtained in the tier 5 event packages.

No.3 Epic General Token

You can get General Token Chest from VIP1 to VIP4 Premium Package and Lv4 to Lv10 Champion Loyalty Rewards. Open the chest, and you can have a chance to get Epic General. Use Epic General to get a chance of receiving General Edward Teach.

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