Gaius Octavius: A Legendary General in Evony’s Historic Battlefields

Evony Epic Historic General Gaius Octavius

The Roman Empire’s first Princeps, Gaius Octavius, ruled Rome for an astonishing 40 years, setting a standard of leadership that continues to inspire to this day. In Evony, Gaius Octavius isn’t just a figure of history; he’s an Epic Historic General who can lead your mounted troops into battle. In this article, we’ll explore his story, special skills, specialties, acquisition methods, and optimal combinations with other Generals.

Evony Epic Historic General Gaius Octavius
Evony Epic Historic General Gaius Octavius

The General’s Story of Gaius Octavius:

Following the assassination of Caesar in 43 BC, Octavius inherited not only his name but also his estate and the loyalty of his legions. He joined Mark Antony and Marcus Lepidus to form the Second Triumvirate, intent on avenging Caesar’s death.

However, the alliance was short-lived. Octavius exiled Lepidus and defeated Antony between 30 BC to 29 BC, adopting the ancient title “Augustus” in 28 BC. His rule over the Roman Empire brought four decades of peace and prosperity, celebrated by writers, poets, and the numerous temples built in his honor.

The Special Skill of Gaius Octavius – “Augustus”:

  • Increases mounted troops’ attack by 40% and ranged troops’ attack by 15% when leading the army.
  • Various star levels bring added benefits to marching ranged and mounted troops, affecting attack, defense, HP, and more.

The Specialty of Gaius Octavius:

  • Mounted Troop Assault: Mounted Troop Attack and HP +10%
  • Annihilation: March Size Capacity +6%; Attacking Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Attack +10%
  • War God: All Troops Attack +6%
  • Battle of Actium: Mounted Troop Attack +30% and HP +20%

The Way to Get Gaius Octavius:

Gaius Octavius can be obtained through:

  1. General Token, including final-tier event packages, Excellence Coin Sale package, Wheel of Fortune, and more.
  2. General Portrait Exhibition, by collecting General Invitations and redeeming them during the event.

The General Combinations of Gaius Octavius

Considering the current situation of cavalry generals in Evony, Gaius Octavius is more suitable as an Assistant General. In the case of Main General’s Special Skills with full stars and Specialties with max levels, we recommend using the combinations in the table below.

The General Combinations of Gaius Octavius table
The General Combinations of Table

Conclusion: Gaius Octavius, once the ruler of Rome, now stands as an Epic Historic General in Evony. His rich history, special skills, and strategic use offer an intricate and exciting addition to the game. Whether leading his troops to a victorious march or forming a formidable combination with other Generals, Octavius brings a slice of history into the virtual battlefield. Let his story inspire your gameplay and strategies as you take on the challenges of Evony. His legacy continues to echo; the question is, how will you write your own?