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Battlefields in Evony

Evony Battlefield: There are 4 main battlefields in Evony, including the Battle of Gaugamela, the Battle of Constantinople, the Battle of Chalons, and the All-Star Battle. Participate in battlefields, you can experience exciting PvP without being wounded to get massive rewards and unlock glories. You can also purchase rare items and resources in the Battlefield Shop.
Evony Battle of Toulon

A Guide to Evony’s Battle of Toulon During Napoleon Collaboration


Currently, Evony releases some warm-up events to preview their collaboration with Napoleon. In particular, they are launching the Battle of...

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Battlefield Buildings in Battle of Gaugamela

The Battle of Gaugamela in Evony: A Comprehensive Strategy Guide


The Battle of Gaugamela is commonly referred to as the BOG by players in Evony. This is a primary battlefield...

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Big Buildings in Battle of Chalons

How to Get High Scores in Battle of Chalons in Evony


The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, also known as the Battle of Chalons, was a historic military engagement that took...

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Strategize, Conquer, and Score: The Battle of Constantinople in Evony


In the Battle of Constantinople (referred to as BOC) in Evony, players can earn Scores by capturing buildings on the...

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