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The Best Combinations

Best Combinations

Evony’s Assistant General Feature gives many generals new possibilities. Different combinations of the Main General and Assistant General will show different effects. When matching, you need to pay attention to the conflict between their Special Skills, the effectiveness of the Skill Books, etc.
Evony Epic Historic General Napoleon Prime

The Best Mounted-troop General Napoleon Prime and His Combinations


Currently, the Evony and Napoleon Collaboration event officially starts at Evony's Seventh Anniversary celebration time. With the release of many...

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The strongest Ground Troops' General combinations

Effective Ground Troop General Combinations in Evony


To streamline your strategic decisions, we're developing harmonious pairings of Main and Assistant Generals for each branch of the military.

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Evony Epic Historic General Louis IX

The Best Combination of Evony’s New Ranged-troop General Louis IX


Evony Epic Historic General Louis IX was the King of France from the Capetian in history. His impactful reforms earned...

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Evony Epic Historic General Eleanor

The Best Assistant Ranged Troops’ General Eleanor and Ranged Generals’ Combination


Evony‘s new Epic Historic General Eleanor was released on the April 28th Triumphal Celebration Event together with General Douglas. As...

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Talented teams are vital for the success of every captivating game! It is the collective effort, creativity, and expertise, bring a game to life

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