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Evony Features Guides

Evony Features Guides

Explore our comprehensive guides on Evony features, including Equipment, Blazon, Flexible Specialty, and Historic City and more.

Evony Parthian Set

A Guide to Choosing and Obtaining Debuff General Equipment in Evony


In Evony, the equipment of generals with debuff attributes in their basic attributes includes Achaemenidae and Parthian. You can craft...

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Evony Specialty and Flexible Specialty

Flexible Specialty: A New Way to Enhance Your Generals in Evony


Recently, Evony has introduced a new innovation called Flexible Specialty, a unique feature that can be equipped or removed by...

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Subordinate City Generals

Harnessing the Power of Subordinate Cities in Evony


As players advance in the game, reaching Keep level 11 unlocks the potential of the first Subordinate City within the...

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Evony Research Stone

How to gain Research Stone as much as possible in Evony?


The Research Stone is a necessary item for advanced technology research in Evony's Academy. Technologies play an important role in...

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Evony March Slot

How to Increase the March Slot in Evony?


So how to increase it? This article summarizes in as much detail as possible the many ways to add March...

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The Importance of Good Alliance in Evony


Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, these alliance features can help you save time, develop faster, and...

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Evony Fame - Glory

How to unlock Fame and other Emblems to gain benefits and rewards?


So what do these Emblems contain? How to get them? What benefits can they bring to players? This article will...

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Evony Siren Island - Abyssal (Lv.III) (1)

Gain and Use Evony’s Castle Decoration Siren Island Abyssal to become stronger


This comprehensive guide takes you through the compelling journey to claim this coveted prize, unraveling the Buffs it bestows upon...

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