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Generals Tips

Evony Generals Tips

Generals are a crucial part of strengthening you in Evony. They can bring buffs for you or take debuffs to enemies. Therefore, it is important to find ways to obtain good generals, understand the special skills and strengths of each general, and maximize their attribute bonuses through reasonable combinations.
Evony Historic General André Masséna

André Masséna: The Best Assistant General for Napoleon Prime


As the Marshal of the French Empire, André Masséna was considered one of the greatest generals in the Napoleonic Wars....

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Evony Epic Historic General Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great: A Ground-troop General for Alliance War Rally


In Evony, Epic Historic General Alexander the Great is a ground-troop general who is great for the Alliance War Rally....

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The examples of Blazon Sets' effects

Mastering Blazon Effects for Stronger Troops in Evony


Blazons in Evony offer a strategic edge, essential for any commander seeking to enhance their troops' performance in various combat...

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Evony Epic Historic General Gaius Octavius

Gaius Octavius: A Legendary General in Evony’s Historic Battlefields


In Evony, Gaius Octavius isn't just a figure of history; he's an Epic Historic General who can lead your mounted...

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General Martinus-evony-concept-image-min

Understanding General Compatibility and Rankings


The synergy between the main general and their counterparts plays a pivotal role in determining their effectiveness. This article aims...

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General Martinus-evony-concept-image

A Comprehensive Guide to General Evaluation in Warfare


Starting from a comprehensive category of generals, specialties, and star levels, combined with real combat scenarios, we provide a comprehensive...

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Upgrade General Star in Evony

How to Enhance Generals to Improve Generals’ Stars in Evony


In Evony, there are some requirements and necessary items for players to upgrade their Generals' Star. This article will explain...

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Evony General Experience

Efficient ways to increase General EXP and level up your Generals in Evony


Generals' levels depend on their EXP (experience). There are many methods to gain General EXP in Evony. To level up...

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