How Benjamin Gifford Achieved Excellence in Evony: The King’s Return

Chat with VP Benjamin Gifford

Evony is an iconic MMO War Strategy Game that has captivated gamers for over a decade. Evony has evolved into one of the most popular 4X strategy games on mobile devices. But what is the secret to its enduring success? To find out, we spoke with Benjamin Gifford, the Vice Development Director of Evony & Top Games Inc. Vice President, to learn more about the team’s strategies for creating and maintaining a game that continues to thrill and engage players year after year.

Chat with VP Benjamin Gifford

Excellence, Not Perfection

When it comes to game development, teams often strive for perfection. However, Benjamin Gifford believes that this pursuit can often leave development teams far behind the competition. Instead, he advocates that excellence, not perfection, should be the primary focus throughout the development process.

“Looking at the leading companies in your field, they might never own a perfect product or service. But what they do own is excellence,” says Benjamin.

Constant Innovation

To achieve excellence, the Top Games team behind Evony consistently strives for constant innovation. They operate in a lean, open, and flat structure, which allows every engineer to have no more than three management levels to the CEO of the engineering department. Under the leadership of CEO David Guo, Top Games Inc. works hard to ensure that all information is shared freely throughout the company wherever possible. By giving the team as much information as freely available, supporting their decisions, and empowering them, Top Games expects the team to discover and fix problems proactively.

“ The team shouldn’t limit themselves in job protection mode. Instead, they should stretch their capabilities and constantly grow without satisfaction with current success,” says Benjamin.

Multi-Civilization System

One of the unique features of Evony is its multi-civilization system that creatively combines the world’s major 7 civilizations with traditional war strategy games. The game uses a realistic style to restore the image of each civilization’s Monarch, Generals, buildings, and troops based on the historical facts of each civilization. The strong historical sense allows players to truly experience the unique features of each civilization.

Famous Generals

Evony’s time-transcending system of famous Generals allows players to recruit famous Generals from different Civilizations who existed in real histories, such as Washington, Genghis Khan, Qin Shihuang, Alexander the Great, and Nobunaga Oda. The battle between famous generals from different times and civilizations gives players a unique gaming experience. Generals are distinguished in attributes and skills based on civilization and personality. They can go to war and serve as defenders and officials in the city to manage domestic affairs.

PvP Battles and Server Wars

Evony also encourages highly free-player PVP battles, including castle pillage, resource spots & relic attacks, subordinate city occupation, large epic battlefields, and server wars. The diversity of wars enhances the game’s strategic nature and further improves the game’s gameplay depth.

According to Benjamin Gifford, “The Top Games team is our greatest resource, and thus we heavily invest at first, which helps us create record-setting profits.” Evony’s success is a testament to the team’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and player satisfaction.


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