How to Get High Scores in Battle of Chalons in Evony

Big Buildings in Battle of Chalons

The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, also known as the Battle of Chalons, was a historic military engagement that took place in the Chalons-en-Champagne region of present-day France in 451. The battle marked the end of the military career of Roman General Flavius Aetius and resulted in a significant victory for the Western Roman Empire. The defeated Hungarian General Attila never again turned against Rome.

In Evony’s large-scale battlefields, the Battle of Chalons has also been added, with the fourth round recently completed and the fifth and final rounds approaching. These upcoming rounds are crucial for many players and alliances, and in this article, we’ll provide some strategies to help you succeed.

We’ll explain the Score Rules, overview the Battlefield Rewards, and recommend tactics for your Alliance to emerge victorious in the Battle of Chalons.

In the Battle of Chalons:

  1. Players can earn scores by:
    • Killing Monsters.
    • Killing troops of the opponents.
    • Occupying Buildings.
  1. Players who reinforce a building can get Scores equal to 20% of the building occupier.
  2. Players who join a Monster Rally can get Scores equal to 20% of the Rally initiator.
  3. The Scores gained by reinforcing Buildings and joining Rallies do not count as Alliance Scores.

No.1 Building Stores

  1. Portal

    • Portal Amount: 8
    • Effect: Occupy it for continuous 30 seconds to earn 1 teleport chance that is shared by the whole Alliance.
    • Continuous Occupation Effect: Occupy it for a continuous 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
  2. Battlefield Hospital

    • Battlefield Hospital Amount: 4
    • Effect: Occupy it to increase the whole Alliance’s healing speed by 60%.
    • Continuous Occupation Effect: Occupy it for a continuous 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
  3. Blessing Tower

    • Blessing Tower Amount: 2
    • Effect: Occupy it to increase the whole Alliance’s attack by 20% and defense by 20%.
    • Continuous Occupation Effect: Occupy it for a continuous 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
  4. March Tower

    • March Tower Amount: 2
    • Effect: Occupy it to increase all the allies’ march speed by 50%.
    • Continuous Occupation Effect: Occupy it for a continuous 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
  5. Rally Hall

    • Rally Hall Amount: 2
    • Effect: Occupy it to increase the whole Alliance’s rally capacity by 15%.
    • Continuous Occupation Effect: Occupy it for a continuous 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
Big Buildings in Battle of Chalons
Big Buildings in Battle of Chalons

    6. Medical Tent

A certain number of Medical Tents will be refreshed randomly on the map, and you can visit them to treat wounded soldiers for free. Medical Tents have three levels, and the higher the level, the more wounded the Tent will heal immediately.
  • Lv.1 heal troops of 1.5M power in your Hospital
  • Lv.2 Heal 5% Troops in your Hospital
  • Lv.3 Heal 10% Troops in your Hospital

    7. War Supplies

There are 4 War Supplies on the battlefield, which appear as carriages on the map. When a certain carriage icon is lit, the battlefield buff can be obtained by occupying the battlefield hospital where supplies are being transported.
There are a total of 13 battlefield buffs, and you can click “Supplies Preview” to view them. Each War Supply will offer random 3 buffs of them, and the player who occupied the corresponding Battlefield Hospital can choose 1 of the 3 buffs. After the buff is successfully selected, the effect lasts until the end of the campaign.

No.2 Monster Scores

There are three types of Monsters in the Battlefield. The ultimate Boss (Phoenix) is in the center of the map and refreshes every 15 minutes. The four big Bosses (Behemoth, Fafnir×2, Kamaitachi) are in the central area and refresh every 10 minutes. The small Bosses refresh every 5 minutes.
  • Kill an ultimate boss can earn 35 scores.
  • Kill a big boss can earn 8 scores.
  • Kill a small boss can earn scores from 1 to 5.

No.3 Killing Scores

You can also earn scores for every 1,000,000 troops killed, and the higher the level of troops you kill, the more scores you earn. For example, Killing 1,000,000 Lv1 troop(s) can get 2.2 scores, while Killing 1,000,000 Lv15 troop(s) can get 155.6 scores.

Battlefield Rewards

The rewards for the Battle of Chalons are generous, including Dragon Source Fragment, Tactic Scroll, Runestoone Chest, Treasure Box, Refining Stone, Resource, Gem, Speed up, Badge, and so on.
As for individual rewards, after each round of Chalons, the participating monarchs can get corresponding rewards. It should be noted that these ranking rewards can only be obtained by members of the alliance who participated in this battle. If you quit the Alliance before the end of the battle, there will be no ranking rewards.
Regarding the Total Ranking Rewards, the participating Alliances will be divided into Major League, Elite League, and Junior League according to the Alliance scores after the Battle of Chalons. Then Alliances in every group will be awarded different rewards according to their scores ranking.
Major League rewards are the best, as the top 100 Alliances in this group can get Alliance Glory Castle – Camelot in Season 4. This castle we mentioned before in the article The Importance of Good Alliance in Evony, and the specific properties are as follows.
  • Alliance Construction Speed +5%
  • Alliance Ground Troop Defense +10%
  • Alliance Food Gathering +10%

Alliance Tactics

The most interesting part of the big campaign in Evony is that it requires the division and cooperation of Alliance members. The Battle of Chalons was different from the Battles of Gaugamela and Constantinople in that four Alliances entered the same battlefield for a melee. The four Alliances must have different powers, so we recommend corresponding tactics for both weak Alliances and stronger Alliances.

The strategy for weak Alliance

  1. Killing Troops:

    • Weak Alliances should prioritize attacking weak and scattered castles of other Alliances to earn Scores for killing Troops. Ensure there are troops present in those castles.
  2. Defense & Occupy Buildings:

    • Leave no troops in your castles and disable the Bunker.
    • Launch a 60-minute rally Boss to keep soldiers in rally mode, offering protection from attacks. Rallies can be canceled at any time.
    • After successfully occupying or looting a building for Building Scores, withdraw troops promptly to avoid being killed. Repeat capturing buildings to drain the patience of strong Alliances.
  3. Attack Bosses:

    • Disperse Alliance members when your Alliance becomes a target instead of clustering together.
    • Encourage Alliance members to individually attack bosses to minimize losses.

The Strategy for Strong Alliance:

  1. Killing Troops:

    • Directly launch rallies to attack the middle and strong castles in other Alliances.
  2. Defense & Occupy Buildings:

    • Weaker castles in your Alliance should spread out a small number of troops to occupy buildings to prevent surprise attacks.
    • Stronger castles should send troops to reinforce weaker castles.
    • If an occupied building is attacked, stronger castles can send troops to reinforce it to protect the troops and maintain scores.
  3. Attack Bosses:

    • Members of a strong Alliance participating in the Battle of Chalons can individually attack bosses due to their strength.

Remember to stay vigilant and avoid being sneak attacked by an equal Alliance. These suggestions aim to enhance your Alliance’s defense, counter-attack capabilities, and protect your resources.

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