Hunt Legions, Consume Gold, and Enjoy Tea Culture in Evony’s Latest Events!


Evony is excited to announce a series of events as part of the Civilization Celebration from April 11th to 13th, to express gratitude to its players for their unwavering support and love.

Astrolabe Event: Limited Rewards Up For Grabs!

The Astrolabe Event is one of the highlights of this celebration, offering limited rewards such as 4,000 Refining Stones, 500 Material Bags (Silk Road), a Lost Civilization Scroll Chest (Conquest), and a Lost Civilization Scroll Chest (Supremacy). Players can earn all these rewards and receive additional ones by completing the event challenges.

King’s Scheme Event: Redeem Your Favorite General

The King’s Scheme event is another exciting activity that players can participate in during this period. Players can acquire General Mementos from the sale and redeem them for specific generals or Epic Historic General Tokens of common, rare, or super quality. This round of the event features Nero, George Dewey, and Minamoto no Yoshitsune as redeemable generals.

General Portrait Exhibition Event: Redeem Epic Historic Generals

The General Portrait Exhibition Event is also available during the Civilization Celebration Event. Players can obtain General’s Invitations from Server Monarch Competition, Activity Chest, and packages and use them to redeem for Historic Generals, resources, and General Hall Historic General tokens. The current round of the event features Toyotomi Hideyori, Yeon Gaesomun, Lautaro, and Hōjō Ujiyasu as the Epic Historic Generals with a higher probability of obtaining.

Strategic Stockpile Event: Purchase Gems for Rewards

For those who love to stock up on gems, the Strategic Stockpile Event is an opportunity to get more rewards by purchasing a certain amount of Basic Gems every day.

Legion Hunting Event: Complete Quests for Great Rewards

Similarly, the Legion Hunting Event is open to all players, offering great rewards for completing quests every day. Players can also participate in the Tea Culture event and earn rewards by consuming green tea, completing quests, and earning rare items.

Consuming Return Event: Get Rewards

Finally, players can participate in the Consuming Return event, where they can earn amazing rewards by consuming a certain amount of gold and speedups.

Don’t miss out on these exciting events during the Evony Civilization Celebration!

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