Inside the Making of Evony: Insights from Top Games Inc.’s VP Benjamin Gifford

Benjamin and Evony

Evony: The King’s Return, a game developed by Top Games Inc., has recently been ranked #5 on’s list of top ten US mid-core games. With over 62 million players, Evony has become a popular game for mobile devices. In this article, we will explore how Top Games Inc. achieves excellence and innovation in the gaming industry. Benjamin Gifford, Vice President of Top Games Inc. and Vice Development Director of Evony, shares insights into how his team created a successful MMO title.

Evolution of Evony

Evony began as a Flash browser game many years ago and has since evolved into a mobile game that has left a lasting impression on 4X strategy game players. The Top Games team believes that great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, and encourages all team members to explore different aspects of the company to seek improvements.

Striving for Excellence

Unlike other development teams that focus on achieving perfection before releasing a product, Top Games Inc. strives for excellence by pursuing incremental and sequential improvements. According to Benjamin Gifford, Vice President of Top Games Inc., leading companies in the gaming industry may not have a perfect product or service, but they do have excellence. By passionately pursuing these incremental improvements, Top Games Inc. identifies and achieves moonshots – innovations that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Empowering Teams

Top Games Inc. believes in empowering its teams to achieve excellence. The company operates in a lean, open, and flat structure, where every engineer has no more than three management levels to the CEO. Managers and team leaders have more than seven direct reports, allowing for open communication and collaboration. Top Games Inc.’s leadership, under David Guo, ensures that all information is shared freely throughout the company, except for legal or privacy reasons. By empowering their teams and making decisions with data, Top Games Inc. encourages early failure and learning from mistakes.

Top Games Inc. creates a place where each member always has a sense of ownership and acts in the best interest and culture of Top Games. Everyone has a responsibility to do the right things and ensure the team’s goals and values are maintained. And by giving the team as much information as freely available, supporting their decisions, and empowering them, Top Games expects the team to discover and fix problems proactively. “Top Games team is our greatest resource and thus we heavily invest at first, which helps us create record-setting profits,” Benjamin confirms

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