Join the Triumphal Celebration in Evony: Epic Events Await!


Get ready for the highly anticipated Triumphal Celebration Event starting on April 28th! Celebrate your brave Generals’ triumph with a series of exciting events, including the Kingdom Collection, Victory Praise, Share Gems, Triumphal Parade, Acheloides, Song of the Siren, and Tone Poem of Voyager.

Kingdom Collection Event: Earn Triumphal Marks

During the Kingdom Collection event, complete quests to earn Triumphal Marks and climb the Triumphal List to win an upgradeable Siren Island Castle Decoration. Upgrade the time-limited Siren Island to permanent by using Siren Island Fragments won from the ranking.

Victory Praise Event: Collect Golden Laurel Leaves

The Victory Praise event rewards Golden Laurel Leaves for collecting resources and defeating monsters. Use them in the Aurora Candlestick to earn rewards and a chance to win the Sea and Night General Chest.

Share Gems Event: Light Fireworks and Win Prizes

Participate in the Share Gems event by purchasing basic Gems before May 8th and lighting fireworks to win prizes. The more fireworks you light, the higher your chances of winning.

Triumphal Parade Event: Upgrade Ceremony Level

Earn Parade Brooches from resource spots and Acheloides event and Parade Vizards from Triumphal Parade Package and Share Gems event to upgrade Ceremony Level and earn Silver or Golden Ceremony Garlands. Use them to redeem rare items, including castle decoration and march effect for activating Decoration Collection.

Acheloides and Song of the Siren Events:

During the Acheloides event, use conches to summon Achelois of corresponding levels and defeat them with Alliance Rally. Claim treasures with a scout march and get a chance to win the Achelois Scepter.

Collect Spiritual Beast Scales from Boss monsters and event packages during the Song of the Siren event to redeem them for the Siren Trident and unlock the Spiritual Beast Siren.

Unlock the thrilling past of the two Generals each day during the Tone Poem of Voyager event and claim rewards when the number of readers reaches the target.

Don’t miss out on these exciting events! Update to the latest version if you can’t view the event page.

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