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Benjamin Gifford


Vice Development Director of Evony & Top Games Inc.

"The team shouldn’t limit themselves in job protection mode. Instead, they should stretch their capabilities and constantly grow without satisfaction with current success."

Benjamin Gifford

Top Games Inc.

Benjamin and Evony

Inside the Making of Evony: Insights from Top Games Inc.’s VP Benjamin Gifford

Benjamin Gifford, Vice President of Top Games Inc. and Vice Development Director of Evony, shares insights into how his team created a successful MMO title.

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David Guo and Benjamin Gifford, as CEOs, keep providing EVONY with new ideas, so that EVONY is still brilliant as a strategy mobile game

David Guo and Benjamin Gifford: The Dynamic Duo behind Top Games Inc.’s Success with Evony

Top Games, the developer behind the game, is a world-renowned company. The CEO, David Guo, and VP, Benjamin Gifford, have left a lasting impression.

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Benjamin Gifford's Tiger Team boosts Evony's Excellence

Benjamin Gifford Sharpens Evony’s Excellence with Tiger Teams

Co-founded by CEO David Guo and Vice President Benjamin Gifford, Top Games Inc. aims to become "the world's most user-oriented game company." This goal is evident in the development and

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Benjamin and team management

Benjamin Gifford: How Top Games Drives Excellence and Innovation

In a recent interview, Benjamin shed light on how Top Games has been able to maintain its position as a leader in the industry by fostering a culture of continuous

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