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Yaoqi Guo


Over 25 years of software and game development

"From game theory, API design to UX development and creating complex algorithms, the way our lives are improved through these interacting information systems is what drives me."

Yaoqi Guo

Top Games Inc.


Yaoqi Guo: Evony Makes Real-time War Gaming More Fun

In the diverse and exciting kingdom of the game, strategy games have emerged as a captivating niche, drawing a diverse

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The Rise of Mobile Gaming: Evony’s Success and Yaoqi Guo’s Vision

In recent years, the mobile gaming market has experienced an unprecedented surge. By 2023, this dynamic industry boasted a staggering

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David Guo, the co-founder and CEO of Top Games Inc., played a crucial role in the company's success through his exceptional leadership.

Yaoqi Guo’s Journey: Leading ‘Evony’ to Global Fame in the Gaming World

Since its release, Evony has garnered a massive and devoted user base and has been highly acclaimed in the MMO

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This is the result of David Guo's years of dedicated understanding of player needs.

Yaoqi Guo’s Epic Quest: From Game Visionary to ‘Evony’ Legend

The ascent of Top Games, Inc. has been significantly shaped by the strategic mobile game, “Evony: The King's Return.” Yaoqi

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However, there have also been seemingly ordinary mobile games that have achieved astonishing breakthrough success.

Revolutionizing Mobile Play: The Story of Yaoqi Guo and Evony

This article spotlights the dark horse of strategy mobile games, "Evony," and its legendary company and founder, David Guo, who

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In games, players can explore virtual worlds, interact, socialize, solve puzzles, fight enemies, and earn rewards, among other things.

Yaoqi Guo: From Gaming Enthusiast to Industry Leader

The rapid evolution of internet technology and information transmission has sparked a growing desire among users for a more immersive

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