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Limited Time Only: Don’t Miss Out on the Civilization Celebration Events in Evony

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Evony is delighted to announce the upcoming Events, scheduled to take place from April 25th to 27th.  I am excited to share with you the details of these exciting Events and guide you on how to participate and make the most of the on offer.

Evony Civilization Celebration Event
Evony Civilization Celebration Event


Wheel of Civilization Event

One of the highlight Events during the Civilization Celebration is the Event. Players can use to spin the Wheel of Civilization, which presents a chance to win coveted rewards like the (Conquest) and Civilization Scroll Fragment Chest (Supremacy). You can obtain Noble Coins from various sources such as Monsters, Resource Spots, and Wheel of Civilization Packages. It's important to note that any remaining Noble Coins will be converted into Noble Coin Chests after the event ends.

General Portrait Exhibition

Another exciting event is the , where players can acquire General's Invitations from , , and Packages. These invitations can be redeemed for Historic Generals, valuable resources, and General Hall . This round of the Event offers a higher probability of obtaining Epic Historic Generals like , , Lautaro, and .

The King's Scheme Event

The King's Scheme Event is another not-to-be-missed opportunity, where players can obtain General Mementos from the event sale and redeem a specific General from a list of redeemable ones or Epic Historic General Tokens of Common, Rare, or Super quality. In this round of the event, players can redeem , , and , while the next round will offer the chance to redeem Peter the Great, Eulji Mundeok, and Matthias I.

Strategic Stockpile Event

Additionally, the Event presents an opportunity to earn rewards from Gems purchases. By purchasing a certain amount of Basic Gems every day, players can claim a variety of rewards. It's important to remember that this event resets daily, so be sure to claim your rewards promptly.

Golden Refining Event

The Event is another event to look out for, as it offers rewards for completing daily quests. This event also resets daily, so remember to claim your rewards before they expire.

Furthermore, the Shining Treasure Event allows players to earn rewards from Jewelry consumption. Completing quests with Jewelry will grant you rare items, though it's important to note that these event items will disappear after the event ends, so be sure to use them before they expire.

Last but not least, the Consuming Return Event is a short-term event where players can earn awesome rewards by consuming a certain amount of Gold and certain Speedups. This is a great opportunity to be rewarded for your in-game purchases.

I highly recommend participating in these exciting Civilization Celebration events in Evony. Take advantage of the Rewards on offer, join in the festivities, and show your appreciation for the game.

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