Mastering Dragon Enhancement in Evony: Insights from Game Creator David Guo

Refining Stone, Dragon Crystal, Dragon Source Fragment, and Badge in Evony

David Guo, also known as Yaoqi Guo, is a renowned game developer and a passionate advocate of immersive and user-centric gameplay. His expertise has led him to create top-selling games on Google Play and the Apple App Store, including the popular game EVONY, which features robust strategy and resource management gameplay. One of the key elements in Evony is enhancing Dragons to strengthen the player’s army, and in this article, David will provide tips on how to enhance Dragons in three ways: feeding refining, and awakening talents.

Refining Stone, Dragon Crystal, Dragon Source Fragment, and Badge in Evony
Refining Stone, Dragon Crystal, Dragon Source Fragment, and Badge in Evony
  1. Feed Dragons

Feeding Dragons is a crucial method of enhancing their level and attributes. A higher-level Dragon provides better buffs to troops and Generals. There are various items that can be used as food for Dragons, such as Excellent Dragon Coin, Gold, Equipment Material, Research Stone, Source of Life, Resources, Refining Stones, Badges, Gems, Revival Stones, Medals, and more. During the Super Feeding event, it is more cost-effective to consume Excellent Dragon Coins. It’s important to note that different Dragons require different experience points to upgrade, and Dragons in the Pasture eat less than Sacred Dragons on the Dragon Cliff. Players can feed their Dragons 30 times and refresh recipes ten times per day to optimize the feeding process.

  1. Refine Dragons

Refining Dragons can add more attributes, such as Attack, HP, Defense, and more, to ground, mounted, ranged, and siege troops. Players can use Gem and Refining Stone or Badge and Refining Stone to refine their Dragons. Dragon Crystal can be used to lock refining attributes. The attribute will turn purple when it reaches 50%-69% of the upper limit, orange when it reaches 70%-84%, and gold when it reaches 85% or more. Refining Stone can be obtained from various sources, such as the Black Market, Store – Items – Special, event bosses, Activity rewards, All-Star Shop, Battle of Chalons, and more. The badge can be obtained from the Battle of Constantinople, Battle of Chalons, packages, and other in-game activities. Dragon Crystal can be obtained from the Battle of Gaugamela, Black Market, and other events.

  1. Awaken Dragons’ Talent

Awakening a Dragon’s talent can significantly increase its power. Each Dragon or Sacred Dragon has three Talents, with the first two Talents applying only to troops led by the General equipped with that Dragon, and the third Talent being an Active Talent. Players can select and use the corresponding Talent in the “Active Skill” interface to gain a buff that takes effect in any case, lasts for a certain period, and has a cooldown. To upgrade a Dragon’s Talent, players need to consume Gem, Dragon Crystal, and Dragon Source Fragment in the Pasture or Gem, Badge, and Dragon Source Fragment on the Dragon Cliff. The maximum level of Talent is Lv40, and carefully selecting and upgrading Talents can greatly enhance the power of Dragons in battles.

David Guo’s passion for gaming and his focus on user experience sets him apart from his peers. His emphasis on user-oriented design and team execution efficiency has led to the creation of hit games like Evony. As a game developer at Top Games Inc., he believes that creating games that players love is the key to success in the gaming industry. By following the tips mentioned above and utilizing the feeding, refining, and talent-awakening features in Evony, players can enhance their Dragons and strengthen their armies, leading to a more enjoyable and successful gaming experience.

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