Strategize, Conquer, and Score: The Battle of Constantinople in Evony

In the Battle of Constantinople (referred to as BOC) in Evony, players can earn Scores by capturing buildings on the battlefield and eliminating soldiers from rival alliances.

Score Rules

No.1 Building Scores


  • Location: Center of the Battlefield.
  • Objective: Occupy for 1 minute continuously to gain 80 scores.

Crystal Mine

  • Amount: 8.
  • Objective: Occupy for 1 minute continuously to gain 16 scores each.


  • Amount: 6.
  • Objective: Occupy for 30 seconds continuously to earn 1 teleport chance for the entire Alliance. Occupy for 1 minute to gain 16 scores.

Battlefield Hospital

  • Amount: 1.
  • Benefits: Increases the Alliance’s healing speed by 60%.
  • Objective: Occupy for 1 minute to earn 16 scores.

Blessing Tower

  • Amount: 2.
  • Benefits: Boosts Alliance’s attack and defense by 20%.
  • Objective: Occupy for 1 minute to earn 16 scores.

Knight’s Hall

  • Amount: 1.
  • Benefits: Knights attack opponents every 3 minutes.
  • Objective: Occupy for 1 minute to earn 32 scores.

Rally Hall

  • Amount: 1.
  • Benefits: Increases Alliance’s rally capacity by 15%.
  • Objective: Occupy for 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
Buildings in Battle of Constantinople
Buildings in Battle of Constantinople

War Supplies in the Battlefield

  • Quantity: 4 War Supplies appear as carriages on the map.
  • Activation: When a carriage icon lights up, occupy the Crystal Mine it’s heading to for a battlefield buff.
  • Buff Details: There are 13 different battlefield buffs. Use “Supplies Preview” to view them.
  • Selection: Each War Supply offers a random selection of 3 buffs. If you occupy the corresponding Crystal Mine, you can choose 1 of these 3 buffs.
  • Duration: Once selected, the buff effect lasts until the campaign ends.

No.2 Killing Scores

  • Earning Scores: Gain scores for every 1,000,000 troops you defeat. The higher the level of the eliminated troops, the more scores you receive.
  • Monitoring Kills: You can check the tally of defeated soldiers in the battle report at any time.
  • Similarity to Other Battles: This scoring rule is consistent with the Battle of Chalons and the Battle of Gaugamira in Evony.
  • Attacking Strategy: Ensure that the castle you attack has soldiers; otherwise, you won’t earn scores, even with a successful attack.
  • Restoration of Soldiers: Do not worry about losing soldiers permanently. Soldiers killed in battle will be unconditionally restored after leaving the battlefield.
Entrance to Battle of Constantinople Details
Entrance to Battle of Constantinople Details


Rewards in the Battle of Constantinople

  • Score-Based Rewards: Players earn individual scores irrespective of their Alliance’s overall outcome.
  • Additional Rewards for Winning Alliance: Members of the victorious Alliance receive more substantial rewards.
  • Reward Tiers: Personal scores are categorized into five grades.
  • Rewards Include:
    • Badges
    • Constantinople Chests containing Gems, Resources, Speedups, and Gold
    • Runestone Chest
    • Tactic Scroll
    • Dragon Source Fragment
    • Valorous Medal
Entrance to Battle of Constantinople Rewards View
Entrance to Battle of Constantinople Rewards View
Among them, Valorous Medal can be used to acquire Historic City. Players will be ranked based on the amount of Valorous Medal they get, and they will receive Historic City Key Fragments based on the ranking.

Battlefield Rules

  • Frequency: The Battlefield event opens weekly.
  • Sign-Up Period: Players can register one day before the event starts.
  • Alliance Eligibility: To sign up, an Alliance must:
    • Be at least 15 days old.
    • Rank within the top 20 on the Server.
  • Registration Authority: Only Alliance R4 and R5 members can register and select participants.
  • Participant Requirements:
    • Maximum of 20 members per Alliance.
    • Members must have been in the Alliance for at least 3 days.
    • Members must have a Keep Level of 15 or higher.
  • Restrictions: Players not in an Alliance cannot sign up or participate.
  • Matchmaking and Outcome:
    • Alliances are automatically matched with opponents.
    • The Alliance with higher scores wins.
    • Unmatched Alliances receive a Battlefield Bye Gift.

2022 Constantinople Ultimate War Season Guidelines

  1. Season Start Date: The final season commenced on July 25, 2022.
  2. Qualification for All-Star Battlefield:
    • Achieve a top 400 rank in any continent during the season to qualify for Season 8 All-Star Battlefield.
    • Check individual season rankings for each theater in the Top Charts under “Season Ranking”.
Personal Season Ranking in Battle of Constantinople
Personal Season Ranking in Battle of Constantinople
  1. Personal Season Ranking Changes:
    • To celebrate Evony’s milestone of 150 million downloads, there are some adjustments.
    • The requirement for unlocking “Invincible Hero Glory” has been changed:
      • Previously: Rank in the top 100 of a continent’s Ultimate War Season.
      • Now: Rank in the top 200.
  2. Rewards for Unlocking Invincible Hero Glory:
    • Receive “Invincible Hero Wings” decoration.
    • Qualify to build Level 3 Wonder.
    • “Sacred Dragon Nidhogg” unlocks upon upgrading Wonder to Level 3.