The Battle of Gaugamela in Evony: A Comprehensive Strategy Guide

Battlefield Buildings in Battle of Gaugamela
The Battle of Gaugamela is commonly referred to as the BOG by players in Evony. This is a primary battlefield for players to experience PvP gameplay without real casualties after leaving the battlefield. When the BOG opens, R4 and R5 members of alliances that have been established for 15 days or more and are ranked in the top 20 of this server can sign up and select alliance members to participate in the battlefield.

Score Rules in Battle of Gaugamela

In Evony’s Battle of Gaugamela, you’re invited to a thrilling contest where battling Monsters and defeating Troops earn you coveted Rewards. This event shares similarities with The Battle of Constantinople, offering familiar rules and strategies for seasoned players. Unlike Constantinople, Gaugamela’s battlefield has fewer buildings, placing a greater emphasis on combat against Monsters and Troops for scoring points. The points system for Monster encounters mirrors that of The Battle of Chalons, while the Troop combat scoring follows the pattern set in the Battle of Constantinople.

No.1 Building Scores

  1. Portal

    • Quantity: 4
    • Benefits:
      • Occupy for 30 seconds for 1 teleport chance (alliance-shared).
      • Occupy for 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
  2. Battlefield Hospital

    • Quantity: 1
    • Benefits:
      • Increases Alliance’s healing speed by 60%.
      • Occupy for 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
  3. Blessing Tower

    • Quantity: 2
    • Benefits:
      • Boosts Alliance’s attack and defense by 20%.
      • Occupy for 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
  4. March Tower

    • Quantity: 1
    • Benefits:
      • Increases allies’ march speed to Monsters by 50%.
      • Reduces opponents’ march speed by 30%.
      • Occupy for 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
Battlefield Buildings in Battle of Gaugamela
Battlefield Buildings in Battle of Gaugamela

No.2 Monster Scores

There are three types of Monsters in the Battlefield. The ultimate Boss (Phoenix) is in the center of the map and refreshes every 15 minutes. The three big Bosses (Behemoth, Fafnir, Kamaitachi) are in the central area and refresh every 10 minutes. The small Bosses refresh every 5 minutes.
  • Kill a ultimate boss can earn 35 scores.
  • Kill a big boss can earn 8 scores.
  • Kill a small boss can earn scores from 1 to 5.

No.3 Killing Scores

  • Score Earning by Troop Elimination:

    • Gain scores for every 1,000,000 troops defeated.
    • Higher troop levels yield more scores.
      • Example:
        • 1,000,000 Level 1 troops = 2.2 scores.
        • 1,000,000 Level 15 troops = 155.6 scores.
    • Important Note:
      • Ensure the target castle contains soldiers.
      • No scores are awarded for attacking empty castles.
  • Additional Details:

    • Score values for each troop level are available in the game’s detailed information section.

Rewards in Battle of Gaugamela

In Evony’s Battle of Gaugamela, individual prowess is rewarded just like in the Battle of Constantinople, where players earn points regardless of their Alliance’s outcome. Those in winning Alliances, however, can expect more bountiful rewards. This battle divides personal scores into five levels, with prizes including Badges, Dragon Crystals, Gaugamela Chests filled with resources and treasures, and more. Notably, Badges and Dragon Crystals can be used for purchases in the Battlefield Shop. The season comprises four rounds, impacting Alliance points and personal rankings. Top 100 players unlock the Glory Strategy Expert and a prestigious purple wing in Miracle.
Specific rewards can be viewed by clicking the position below.


  1. You need to use your own teleport items or Gems to teleport all over the Battlefield, and Alliance shares a limited number of teleport chances.
  2. The enemy cannot move to your Safe Zone, but can attack your castle from the outside.
  3. All killed troops in the Main City will go to Hospital and be considered wounded instead of dying or being captured. There is no upper limit of wounded troops in the battlefield hospital, and the treatment time will be shortened. Healing does not cost any resources. All wounded troops in the hospital will heal automatically when they return to the original server after the battle.
  4. The Battle could lead to the loss of the trap and subordinate city troops of the die. This loss cannot be recovered, but resources will not be looted.
  5. You cannot enter Battlefield again once leaving and the scores will be reset to zero with no rewards received.
  6. Players who reinforce a building can get scores equal to 20% of the building occupier. Players who join a Monster rally can get scores equal to 20% of the rally initiator. The scores gained by reinforcing buildings do not count as Alliance Scores.

Battlefield Shop

  • Purchases in Battlefield Shop:

    • Spend Badges or Dragon Crystals for supplies and items.
    • Use gems for Special Items.
  • Shop Inventory:

    • Items include crafting materials, resources, EXP books, Gold, Gems, etc.
    • Four special items for Battlefield use: Attack, Defense, HP, March Size.
  • All-Star Shop:

    • Occasionally available within the Battlefield Shop.
    • Offers exclusive items: Officer General Chest, Dragon Eggs, special castles, Ascension Fragments, etc.