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The benefits and methods to get the Historic City Pantheon in Evony

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Evony's new round of the Event was released on April 21st, and we can participate in this event in order to acquire the powerful Historic City – from April 21st to 23rd.
The benefits of Historic Cities in Evony are really valuable. When you get a Historic City and attack it successfully, you can capture the Epic Historic General in the city. The Buffs of the Historic City will help you and your Alliance in PvP battles or city development as well.

General in Pantheon:

The Defense General in Historic City Pantheon is Epic Historic General , who is a good General for attacking monsters.

Caesar's original Special Skill:

Dictator – Increases mounted troops' attack by 45% when the General is leading the army to attack monsters. Increases ground troops and mounted troops' attack by 15% when the General brings any dragon.
Epic Historic General Caesar in Evony
Epic Historic General Caesar in Evony

The Buffs of Pantheon:

  1. Ground Troop Attack, Defense, and HP +30%
  2. Enemy Mounted Troop Attack -10%
  3. Enemy Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Defense -10%
  4. Training Capacity +10% (Alliance)

The way to acquire Pantheon:

During the event, you have to earn as many as possible to keep your ranking as high as possible. Because you will receive based on your ranking. Get 30 fragments to redeem Historic City Key on the “Event Rewards” – “Redeem” page. If you can not get so many fragments, you can also redeem an Epic Key with 10 fragments and a Key with 5 fragments.
Redeem Historic City in Evony
Redeem Historic City in Evony


The Valorous Medal can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Be the Conqueror in the last .
  2. Place top 5 in the last Server War Personal Ranking.
  3. Gain 1,200 scores or above in a single round of the .
  4. Reach a specific ranking in the list of the event.
  5. Purchase Gems to get Valorous Medals of the same amount of Gems we purchased.
The Historic City Event in Evony opens regularly. Although the next time it will be Pantheon's turn to go online is uncertain, it will still happen in the future. You can follow this event anytime.
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