The Best Assistant Ranged Troops’ General Eleanor and Ranged Generals’ Combination

Evony Epic Historic General Eleanor
Evony‘s new Epic Historic General Eleanor was released on the April 28th Triumphal Celebration Event together with General Douglas. As the eldest daughter of the Rain family in the southern empire, Eleanor has made great contributions to the Battle of Siren Island. And as a General in Evony, Eleanor is a beautiful and powerful ranged troops’ General. Let’s take a look at her detailed information to learn the Special Skill, Specialty, how to get her, and the best Main and Assistant Generals’ combination of hers.

Eleanor’s Special Skill

Great Captainess

Increases ranged troops’ attack and defense by 35% and March Size by 10% when the General is leading the army to attack.
1* – Marching Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Defense +10% and HP +10%
2* – Enemy In-city Troop Wounded into Death rate +10%
3* – When the General is launching Alliance War, Rally Capacity +8%
4* – Marching Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10% and Defense +15%
5* – Marching Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +15% and HP +15%

Eleanor’s Specialty (Max Level Attributes)

  1. Ranged Troop Formation: Ranged Troop Attack and Defense +10%
  2. Bash: Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%
  3. Ranged Troop Ares: Ranged Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  4. Battle of Siren Island: Attacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop Attack +40%

The way to get Eleanor

Victory Praise Event

During the Triumphal Celebration, we can join the Victory Praise event and use Golden Laurel Leaves to recruit General Eleanor. Eleanor and Elise are put into the Sea and Night General Chest in the Prize Pool. And open the chest, we can choose Eleanor or Elise we want to receive.
There are three paths to acquiring Golden Laurel Leaves. We can gain up to 10 leaves from Resource Gathering, up to 30 from Monster Kill, and more from Victory Praise Package. There are 5 tiers of the package, and the biggest one has 30 leaves.

Recommended Main and Assistant Generals’ combination:

Main General: Douglas

Assistant General: Eleanor

Considering the attack attribute, the above combination is the best-recommended combination of the Main General and Assistant General under the conditions of max-level Special Skill and Specialty. And the Lv4 Ranged Troop Attack book can be given to Assistant General Eleanor. This combination may replace Charles XII and Elektra, or Elektra and Princess Kaguya.

Recommended Skill Books:

  • Ranged Troop Defense
  • Ranged Troop HP
  • Ranged Troop Attack
  • Ranged Troop Range Bonus
  • March Size

Eleanor’s General Story

As the sun began to set, the tranquility of the sea was shattered by gunfire. The enemy fleet, headed towards Siren Island, seemed to have sensed the call of war and increased their speed to their destination.
To ensure a smooth battle on Siren Island, Eleanor, the commander-in-chief of the Southern Navy, would not allow the enemy reinforcements to cross the strait and land on the island. She deployed soldiers to shoot arrows and drop boulders from both sides of the strait and sent small boats loaded with burning straw to disrupt their formation. While the enemy was busy dealing with the problems that kept arising, the Imperial Army would board their ships, engage in close combat, and take control of their vessels! That night, Eleanor made the invaders who had traveled a long way by boat tremble.
The victory of the Battle of Siren Island made Eleanor one of the most famous female generals in the Empire. Just as her beloved ship was named “Great Captainess”, she was the strongest and most powerful protector of the Empire at its founding.

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