The Importance of Good Alliance in Evony


Are you looking for ways to grow your empire in Evony and dominate the competition? Joining a good Alliance can be a game-changing move, providing access to valuable resources and building opportunities, as well as powerful allies to help in battles. In this article, we’ll explore the various benefits of joining a good Alliance in Evony, including Alliance War, Alliance Buildings, Alliance Help and Science, and the Alliance Shop. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, these alliance features can help you save time, develop faster, and gain a significant advantage over your opponents. Let’s get started!

Alliance War: Earn Boss Rewards Quickly

When a player in the Alliance initiates a War, other Alliance members can click “Join” in Alliance War to participate in a joint battle within the specified time. If the war is won, both the initiator and the participant will receive certain rewards. So when a player is at a low level and still can’t beat the Boss, he/she can join the alliance war to get the Boss’s Reward.
[P.S. If you are attacked by an enemy player, you can also inform Allies, and Allies can help you retaliate]

Alliance Buildings: Buffs and Resources

Alliance buildings that can be built and upgraded by R4 and R5 members include:

  • Alliance City
  • Alliance Warehouse
  • Alliance Farm
  • Alliance Sawmill
  • Alliance Quarry
  • Alliance Mine

R4 and R5 members can build Alliance City and Alliance Warehouse simultaneously, but only one resource building can be built at that time.

We recommend building Alliance City first, because it allows alliance territories to be mapped out, and alliance members whose castles are in their territories will get additional Buffs, which include Resources Protected, All Resources Production, and Increases all resources gathering speed. As alliance cities level up, the Buffs will be more. And the top 100 Alliances in the Major League of Battle of Chalons will unlock the Alliance Glory Castle – Camelot, which can increase 5% Alliance Construction Speed, 10% Alliance Ground Troop Defense, and 10% Alliance Food Gathering. The Buffs of Camelot are available to all alliance members regardless of whether they are in alliance territory.

The Alliance Warehouse

The Alliance Warehouse is a crucial building that we recommend building second. It allows alliance members to store and donate resources, which can help avoid resource consumption and loss. The amount of resources a member can store in the Alliance Warehouse depends on their Keep Level. Additionally, resources donated by alliance members can be used to upgrade Alliance Farm, Alliance Sawmill, Alliance Quarry, and Alliance Mine. As the levels of these buildings rise, the amount of resources they contain will also increase.
Alliance Warehouse
Alliance Warehouse

Lastly, you can choose to build one of the Resource Buildings – Alliance Farm, Alliance Sawmill, Alliance Quarry, or Alliance Mine – based on the needs of your alliance. If you want to change the type of resource building that has already been built, you need to demolish it first. Once the resource buildings are constructed, alliance members can collect alliance resources, which provide more resources than normal collection methods. This is another great benefit of being part of an alliance in Evony.

Resource buildings
Resource buildings

Alliance Help and Science: Save Time and Develop Faster

Alliance Help

Alliance Help is another valuable benefit of being part of an alliance in Evony. Players can save time by requesting help from allies to upgrade buildings, heal troops, train troops, craft equipment, and research science.

Alliance Science

Alliance Science
Alliance Science
Alliance Science is another important aspect of alliance gameplay. After joining an alliance, players can enjoy attribute bonuses from Alliance Science. To unlock these benefits, alliance members must donate various resources to advance different alliance sciences. As the alliance science level increases, the benefits for alliance members also increase, providing a significant advantage for those who actively participate in alliance gameplay.

The Alliance Shop

The Alliance Shop is another valuable feature of being part of an alliance in Evony. Alliance members can use alliance points to purchase various items and resources, all of which are free. Alliance points can be earned through events, alliance donations, killing monsters, and other activities. It’s important to note that ranking rewards for special events are a crucial way to earn a lot of alliance points quickly. Therefore, players who want to accumulate alliance points should actively participate in events and work with their alliance to reach high rankings.


There are many other benefits to joining a good Alliance, such as getting free Gift Packages. You can explore and discover on your own in Evony. All in all, it’s important to have a good Alliance with Evony.

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