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Understanding General Compatibility and Rankings

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When evaluating in a strategic setting, it's essential to recognize that there isn't a one-size-fits-all . The synergy between the and their counterparts plays a pivotal role in determining their effectiveness. This article aims to provide a comprehensive Ranking system, focusing primarily on the potency of . However, it's worth noting that our rankings don't factor in specific pairings between Generals.

General Martinus-evony-concept-image-min

For a deeper dive into general combinations, readers are encouraged to consult the “General's Combination Compatibility List” included in this article.

Evaluation Breakdown

Our evaluation is segmented into three distinct categories:

  1. Evaluation 1 – Buff-Centric Analysis: This evaluation sums up the percentages across five Buff types: Attack, Defense, HP, , and Rally .
  2. Evaluation 2 – Buffs, Limitations: Here, we consider the restrictions posed by unavailable skill books. For instance, if an attack skill book is missing, a penalty of -25 is applied to the score from Evaluation 1.
  3. Evaluation 3 – Comprehensive Analysis (Buffs, Skill Book Limitations & Debuffs): This evaluation builds upon Evaluation 2 by adding any debuffs a general might possess. If a affects all troop types, its value is multiplied by four.

For practical purposes, our primary focus is on Evaluation 2, and rankings are arranged accordingly. However, those interested in the rankings based on Evaluations 1 and 3 can refer to the sortable table within the article.

Dragon-Assisted Rankings

While assigning dragons to assistants can significantly boost performance, it's not a feasible strategy for most players. Hence, such combinations are excluded from our primary rankings. However, for enthusiasts, a detailed table including -assisted rankings is available for reference.

Ranking Categories

Our ranking system is bifurcated into four main categories:

  • Category 1 – Marching Buff Consideration:
    • A) March & Rally with Marching Buff
    • B) Reinforcements to an ally's keep & Wall Defense without Marching Buff

    It's essential to note that certain buffs might not apply when a general is reinforcing an ally's keep or defending their own. This distinction leads to varied performance metrics, prompting the division in rankings.

  • Category 2 – Inclusion:
    • 1) Basic Skills Only: Tailored for Free-to-Play (F2P) users or those who invest minimally.
    • 2) Basic Skills + Specialty: Geared towards heavy spenders.

    A general's prowess is significantly influenced by their ability to harness the four specialties. However, maximizing all specialties is often a challenge unless one is a heavy spender.

Sample Rankings:

    • Score: 100
    • Attack 30% / Defense 35% / HP 35% / March Size 0% / Rally Size 0%
    • Score: 80
    • Attack 35% / Defense 35% / HP 0% / March Size 10% / Rally Size 0%
  1. (+ Spiritual Beast)
    • Score: 70
    • Attack 20% / Defense 25% / HP 25% / March Size 0% / Rally Size 0%
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