Why must you experience being a King or Queen in Evony and how to be?

Be the King or Queen in Evony
The leader of a country has great honor and power but also needs to shoulder significant responsibilities. Evony tried its best to restore such an ecological environment and used the game to make being a national leader easy. In Evony, when your city is strong enough, you can compete for the throne. After becoming a King or Queen, you can get many benefits, and you also need to do things that help everyone develop harmoniously because no one wants a negligent leader. This article is published to let everyone know how to be a King or Queen, and its advantages and responsibilities.

How to Become a King or Queen of the Server?

In the City of Throne War, the R5 of the alliance that successfully occupied the City of Throne for 5 hours will become the King or Queen of the server.
Generally, the City of Throne War opens every weekend. However, the first City of Throne War with a server enabled can be launched at any time, and the player must first defeat the NPC troops stationed in the City of Throne in order to capture the City of Throne. After the birth of the first King or Queen, instead of starting the City of Throne War on the weekend of the week, it will be postponed until the following weekend.
Occupy Magic Tower, Throne Tower, and Hero Tower will give different help to occupy the City of Throne.
  • Magic Tower: Occupy for a certain amount of time to reduce your Alliance’s City of Throne occupying time or increase the enemy’s City of Throne occupying time. And increases the whole Alliance’s Healing Speed by 25%
  • Throne Tower: Once it is occupied, it attacks the enemy troops in the City of Throne in 180 seconds and will continue to attack them once every 300 seconds.
  • Hero Tower: Increases the occupier’s Hospital Capacity by 80%; increases the occupier’s March Size to City of Throne, Magic Tower, and Throne Tower by 600,000; increases the Whole Alliance’s Healing Speed by 25%.
  1. Players can not use bubbles (Truce Agreement) when they enter the forest area around the City of Throne.
  2. Players can not use bubbles once they are occupying Magic Tower, Throne Tower, and Hero Tower.
  3. If your main city defense fails in the forest area, you will be driven out of the forest immediately and move to a random location. Troops you have previously sent abroad will also immediately return to the city.
  4. The reinforcement capacity of the City of Throne depends on the occupier’s Embassy, but there is no restriction when they rally to enter the City of Throne.
In addition to becoming the King or Queen of their own server, players can also occupy the City of Throne of the enemy server during SvS and become the Conqueror of the opponent.
After the end of the City of Throne War, the City of Throne will enter a protected state until a new Wartime is invoked. During this time, the King or Queen can exercise his or her rights and perform his or her duties.

The Rights and Duties of a King or Queen

The King and Queen can manage their server on the City of Throne.


  1. Award – Players who become the King or Queen will receive a King’s Package, and can send award packages to others. The award packages include: Senior Award Package ×15;Medium Award Package ×20;Junior Award Package ×30
  2. Mail from the King – The King or Queen can send mail to the top 100 Alliance R5 and R4. The King or Queen can announce new rules in the mail, give advice on how to develop, and so on.
  3. Transfer King – Occupiers can transfer King or Queen to other allies while they are occupying the City of Throne in order to avoid being attacked. Because the one who is occupying the City of Throne can not use the bubble (Truce Agreement). [PS: No matter who the King/Queen is transferred to or how many people are transferred, the one who eventually becomes the King/Queen can only be the R5 member of the alliance where the occupier belongs. Therefore, if you want to become the King/Queen, you need to become R5 before the end of the City of Throne War.]
  4. Empire name – The King or Queen can name the Empire as he or she wishes, and the Empire name will be displayed in the Server List on the World Map.
  5. Architecture – The King or Queen can change the flag and the outlook of the Empire, choosing from any of the 7 Civilizations. The Empire’s flag and outlook will also be displayed on the World Map – Server List page.


King or Queen will get the King’s title and can give titles to others. You can either give a title by entering the player’s name on the Title page in the City of Throne or click the castle of the player you want to give a title to and click on the “Title” to choose the appropriate title. Titles contain Official titles offering Buffs and Underclass titles offering Debuffs. But some of the Underclass titles also have good effects as well, so some players like them too.
Let’s take a look at the Buffs of all the titles.
  • Official Titles:
Prince – Troop Defense and HP +10%, Attacking Troop’s Attack +15%, Training Speed +5%
Princess – In-city Troop Attack +30%, Hospital capacity +10%
Chancellor – All resources production +10%, Troop upkeep -10%
Imperial Guard – Troop attack and defense +10%, In-city troop HP +15%, March speed +10%
Priestess – Increases all resources gathering speed
Scholar – Research speed +15%
Quartermaster – Troop upkeep -10%, March speed to monsters +15%, Increases all resources gathering speed +10%
Commander – All troops attack +10%, Training speed +5%, Training capacity +10%
Priest – All resources production +10%, Heading speed +10%, Troop death into troop soul rate in the main city +5%
Craftsman – Construction speed +15%
  • Underclass Titles:
Vagrant – All resources production -20%, March speed to monsters +20%
Prisoner – March speed -20%, In-city troop defense +10%
Traitor – All troops HP -10%
Servant – Troop attack and defense -5%
Maid – March speed -15%, Troop load +10%, All troops attack -10%
Rogue – Troop attack and defense -10%, March speed +10%
Miser – Troop upkeep -8%, Construction speed -10%, All troops defense -10%
Imbecile – All troops attack +10%, Troop defense, and HP -10%
Duck – Troop upkeep +10%

The benefits the King or Queen will gain

No.1 Unlock the Monarch’s Glory and golden wing

Unlocking Requirement: Be the King/Queen or Conqueror twice.
It should be noted that the player who successfully takes the enemy server’s City of Throne rather than the R5 of the occupier’s alliance will become the conqueror.
Glory Benefits:
  • Monarch’s Glory golden wings
  • Upgrade Wonder to Lv2
  • Special Avatar Frame

No.2 Unlock The Dragon of Thebes

After Wonder is upgraded to Lv2, The Dragon of Thebes on the Dragon Cliff will be unlocked as well. The dragon will bring wonderful buffs to your generals and troops.
General Attribute Boost (Level 15):
  1. General Attack +165
  2. General Defense +165
  3. General Politics +165
  4. General Leadership +135
Skill Effect – Dragon Roar (Level 15):
  1. In City Siege Machine Attack +65%
  2. In City Ground Troop Defense +65%
  3. Hospital Capacity +35%
  4. General Survival Rate +100%

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