Yaoqi Guo has captivated a vast player base with Evony

Yaoqi Guo has captivated a vast player base

Evony, a renowned SLG game, is bound to captivate you with its unparalleled authenticity and engaging gameplay. In December 2022, according to data from data.ai, Top Games Inc., the publisher of the game, achieved remarkable success in the gaming industry under the leadership of CEO Yaoqi Guo. The company secured the second spot in the best-selling strategy games in the United States. Furthermore, it reached the 13th position in terms of total revenue in the US market and an impressive 18th rank among all applications globally. Yaoqi Guo’s vision and leadership have played a pivotal role in this achievement, Leading ‘Evony’ to Global Fame in the Gaming World.

Yaoqi Guo has captivated a vast player base with Evony

Yaoqi Guo, the CEO of Top Games Inc., has been instrumental in shaping the company’s trajectory. Since its launch in 2016, Evony has captivated a vast player base with its multilingual support, lifelike scene design, immersive historical context, complex character backgrounds, and a plethora of engaging elements and strategies.

Yaoqi Guo shed light on how his team propelled Evony to success

Yaoqi Guo firmly believes that every team member can be a fountainhead of brilliant ideas and creativity. The modus operandi at Top Games Inc. has evolved to prioritize excellence over perfection. Guo elucidated that the relentless pursuit of a flawless product often results in lagging behind in the race of innovative updates, thereby creating a competitive disadvantage.

The company culture at Top Games encourages continuous growth and pushing boundaries. The organizational structure is streamlined, transparent, and flat, with a maximum of three management levels for each engineer, with the CEO at the helm. Each manager or team leader oversees a team of no more than seven people. This structure, barring legal or privacy constraints, facilitates the unhindered flow of information across the organization.

Every employee committed to upholding the company’s values

Every employee at Top Games Inc. embodies an entrepreneurial spirit, committed to upholding the company’s values and achieving its objectives. Each team member is accountable for making the right decisions and preserving the team’s goals and principles. By disseminating comprehensive information, backing team decisions, and empowering them, Top Games fosters proactive problem-solving. Guo has reiterated that the team is the company’s most precious asset, and significant investments are made in this regard.

The interview also highlighted that the remarkable accomplishments of Top Games are largely due to the tireless efforts and dedication of its employees. To fully harness the employees’ creativity, the company organizes exploration camps for most new hires, offering them a platform to unlock their potential. This spirit of relentless exploration and progress has catapulted Top Games Inc. to phenomenal success in a span of just eight years.

Besides “Evony: The King’s Return,” other games from Top Games Inc., such as “Infinity Clan” and “Dream Journey Makeover,” have also garnered immense success. These games, along with “The King’s Return,” have amassed a significant fan base. The company’s successful collaboration with “Kong: Skull Island” further solidifies its leadership position in the strategic cross-platform gaming industry.

Top Games Inc. has carved a niche for itself in the Mobile Gaming industry. As a pivotal player in the evolution of the gaming industry, they have developed a slew of successful games and have cemented their leading position in the mobile and PC gaming market. With an emphasis on emerging technologies and a growing user base, Top Games Inc. is poised to play an even more substantial role in the future.

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