From Vision to Victory: Yaoqi Guo’s Journey with Top Games Inc.

This move rejuvenated the company, known as Top Games Inc., and its co-founder and CEO, David Guo, has an impressive track record of success.
The rise of Top Games Inc. is closely linked to the success of their strategy game, “Evony: The King’s Return.” This game, known for its realistic battlefield simulation and engaging real-time gameplay, quickly attracted a large player base. It features a unique gameplay mechanic where players build and upgrade city structures while managing resources, especially food, which increases in demand as the player’s power grows. This gameplay aspect resonated with many players, reflecting Yaoqi Guo’s deep understanding of player preferences and needs, know about Revolutionizing Mobile Play: The Story of Yaoqi Guo and Evony.

Yaoqi Guo: Prioritizing User Experience 

Yaoqi Guo observed that many gaming companies did not sufficiently focus on user experience and satisfaction. Recognizing gaming as more than just a hobby for many players, he believed that game design should create a sense of community and personal growth, allowing players to immerse themselves deeply in the gaming world.

Fostering Employee Innovation

Key to Top Games Inc.’s success is not just the focus on user experience but also the contribution of its dedicated employees. Yaoqi Guo values the innovative potential of his team, providing training camps and platforms for skill development. He fosters a workplace environment that encourages growth and creativity, believing that employee innovation is crucial for the company’s progress.

The Development Philosophy of Top Games Inc.

Benjamin Gifford, the Executive Vice President of Top Games Inc., holds that great ideas can come from any team member. He encourages exploring different business facets and continuous improvement. The company’s development philosophy is to pursue excellence rather than perfection, as striving for the latter could hinder their ability to keep up with fast-paced market changes. Under Yaoqi Guo and Benjamin Gifford’s leadership, Top Games Inc. has released several high-quality games like “Mafia Origins” and “Z Plague,” achieving significant acclaim.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Yaoqi Guo has implemented an integrated marketing strategy that combines various media channels. Despite this, the company’s primary focus is on designing games that resonate with players. He emphasizes the goal of creating outstanding gaming experiences and nurturing a robust gaming community, which has led to a large, satisfied user base and increased the company’s reputation and visibility.

Today, Top Games Inc. stands as a prominent figure in the gaming industry, consistently releasing acclaimed games such as the award-winning EVONY. Their dedication to innovation and excellence has established them as industry leaders, with their influence continually growing.

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